Baking soda hack to easily clean your microwave in 10 minutes

he microwave There is no doubt that it is one of the most used appliances in our homes, but not the one that consumes the most. In this day and age where there is a need to save time and be able to do everything in a healthy way without making things too complicated, microwave ovens are ideal for preparing small portions of food.

But of course, overusing it will eventually create too much dirt, which may sometimes go unnoticed, but it’s there, waiting for us to apply some natural tricks to eliminate odors from the microphone or mic. Baking soda hack to easily clean your microwave in 10 minutes. We tell you how.

Because when it comes to microwaves, it’s not all about knowing the five things you shouldn’t put in a microwave if you don’t want to ruin it. You also have to clean it from time to time. We can do this by using the basic method of cloth and soap, squeezing, or looking to alternative techniques that may cause concern but are ultimately more comfortable, just as effective…or more effective.

Water, vinegar…and baking soda

In this case, the first thing we have to do is take bowl (authorized for use in microwave ovens) and fill two glasses of waterwe will add later 2 tablespoons white vinegar clean.

This product is also used to clean other surfaces within the house.To this mixture we will add a spoonful of baking soda The final product is ready, we put the container in Microwave for ten minutes.

Yes, within ten minutes we will have the desired effect of the steam generated by this product, while we can perform other tasks in the kitchen, such as sweeping the floor, running the washing machine, cleaning the ceramic hob or unloading the dishes from the dishwasher.

This tip is used to remove grime from microwave dishes and walls.

After ten minutes passed, we will remove the container Be careful not to burn yourself as well as the rotating plate that serves as the axis of most microwave ovens. Use a microfiber cloth we can eliminate There is dirt on the plate and wall of the microwave Almost no effort is required.

This is an effective method for cleaning, but some people complain that it takes too long and consumes electricity, which is why they prefer the lemon trick to clean their microwave. Depending on the occasion and the final smell we want to leave in the device, one or the other can be used.

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