Balearic Islands to protect babies with bronchiolitis vaccine

A total of 1.9 million euros has been allocated by the Ministry to purchase the drug

RSV causes a significant disease burden each year, both in Infection and hospitalization and ICU admissionin the youngest children, especially in premature infants, those presenting Basic pathology and healthy children under six months.

RSV is Major Causes of Bronchiolitiswhich consists of inflammation of the bronchi and bronchioles, and it is assumed that 80% of respiratory diseases and hospitalization of children under one year of age.

An estimated 10% of children suffer from 1-2% of patients require hospitalization, and 10% of patients are admitted to the ICU.

The disease is more common and more severe in premature or seriously ill children, but because it’s a very common diseaseMost of those affected are healthy children.

this complication The most common cause of acute infection is respiratory distress, usually requiring oxygen or other respiratory support measures.

Also, younger children may have difficulty feed.Other microbial infections may also be seen, mainly otitis media or Pneumonia, also systemic infection.

Apart from short-term complicationsRSV infection in the first few months of life is associated with asthma attacks and wheezing (wheezing difficulty breathing).

Immunization with Nirsevimab

The Ministry of Health has decided to immunize all children with nirsevimab in the 2023-2024 season:

1. Children Pathology or condition under consideration conditions of Risk of serious RSV infection:

– preterm birth less than 35 weeks, under 12 months.

– congenital heart disease with significant hemodynamic impact, Up to 24 months.

– Bronchopulmonary dysplasia, up to 24 months.

– Others, such as patients with severe immunosuppression, inborn errors of metabolism, severe neuromuscular or pulmonary disease, genetic syndromes with associated respiratory problems, Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis and palliative care, up to 24 months.

2. Healthy children: all Persons who reached six months of age or were born during the VRS season.They are all children who will be born that day April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024.

In October 2022, nirsevimab, a monoclonal antibody authorized in the EU, has been shown to be safe and highly effective in preventing the disease, especially in its most severe form, and the duration of protection covers almost the entire season of circulating VRS, i.e. Say, it’s for Prevent all diseases in small babies.

This drug is administered single dose intramuscular injection Safe and effective to wear from birth.For all these reasons, it is recommended for all infants by public health professionals and the Pediatric and Vaccine Society VRS First Season Circulation (This is similar to the spread of respiratory viruses from October of one year to March of the next).

this department is procuring the drug (allocated a total of 1.9 million euros for its procurement) and organizing the event, and will notify Beginnings for professionals and the general publiccircuit and where it should be managed.

Protecting children from this disease is harmful to them, their families and for the whole society.Therefore, it will be essential Collaboration of all relevant departmentsand family.

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