Ballerinas 2023: the best fashion models to buy.

Never before have ballet flats been a trend. Not all models are the same, and these are the flat shoes you should buy right now.

Needless to say, ballet flats have become (and will become more and more) one of the fashionable shoes for autumn-winter 2023 2024: they managed to win the hearts of fashionistas from everywhere, including less romantic personalities, in a very short time, thanks to their versatility of shoes and an endless number of combinations and the styles she can use.

Some dancers in particular have become a real must and are also the protagonists of the outfits of our favorite style icons, including Alexa Chung and Jennifer Lawrence; among them we certainly find such as dancers in net signed Alaia, or Miu Miu’s ballet-inspired designs with a stretchy and slightly square toe are both models that we’ll find in the selection. In this article, we will take a closer look at ballet flats, discover the most popular fashion models and get inspired by the looks of recent weeks (even during Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023).

The best apartments to buy online for autumn-winter 2023-2024:

  1. Pointed toe ballerinas Amazon Basics
  2. Slip-on ballerinas from Ayede
  3. Origami ballerinas from Prada
  4. Rockstud ballerinas from Valentino Garavani
  5. Studded ballerinas from HM
  6. Rock dancers from Steve Madden
  7. Ballerina Mary Jane, author: solar fever
  8. Ballerinas with straps from Row
  9. Mesh ballerinas from Alaya
  10. romantic dancers Piferi
  11. Multi-strap ballerinas Karel Paris
  12. gladiator dancers Zadar
  13. Elasticated ballerinas from miu miu
  14. Ballerinas from Zadar
  15. Tabi dancers House of Margiela
  16. Le Tabi with strap House of Margiela

Pointed flats for a sophisticated look.

Pointed toe flats are perfect to complete any look with their geometric and modern cut, yet sophisticated; wear it with a long flowing skirt for an elegant look or with practical shorts for a chic look. put random and up to date.

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023

The Amazon Essentials is perfect, especially if you’re new to the world of flats, as it has a simple and versatile slip-on silhouette, plus it’s available in over 20 colors for the collection, even with all prints. over – to satisfy even the most demanding taste (and thus get a truly original outfit). If you prefer leather shoes, we have Aeyede slip-ons, minimalistic and elegant.

Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics

We couldn’t help but add Prada’s new Origami leather flats with a decidedly futuristic approach, featuring floral and geometric toe details.

Studded flats for a rock-inspired look.

Studded flat shoes are a rock version of shoes, very romantic and sophisticated cut; perfect for even darker personalities: it can be worn with a long denim skirt and a leather jacket, for example…….., or with flared trousers and an oversized men’s shirt, as Francesca Ragazzi teaches us.

Annabelle Rosendahl

Francis Boys

The flats worn by Francesca Ragazzi are Valentino Garavani’s Rockstuds, whimsical and chic thanks to their easy cut with tonal straps and studs, complete with a large bow at the toe.

Valentino Garavani

Valentino Garavani

The Steve Madden flats are crafted from leather effect leather and feature a slip-on fit that leaves the foot open, the instep remains open and the toe box has a classic design. Silver stud details at all ends of the shoe, both front and back, keep it simple yet minimalist. If you want more classic flats, then H&M flats with a wide strap are the right choice.

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Mary Jane shoes for a formal look

Strappy ballerinas, also known as Mary Janeare undoubtedly the most classic model, always appreciated for its simplicity and ability to convey elegance without any obligation; Drawing inspiration from Alexa Chung, you can wear flats in full print a more animalistic look with straight-leg jeans, or a more classic black model to offset an already rather sophisticated and modern look.

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023

Alexa Chung

Feversole ballerinas have the classic Mary Jane cut, iconic and timeless: with a clean design that adapts to any outfit, giving a touch of sophistication that makes the look unique, even when worn as a street style addition. look. We like it because, unlike more well-known models, it has a glossy finish almost reminiscent of vinyl (a detail that we will also find in the fall-winter 2023 2024 boots). On the other hand, if you’re looking for essential flats, The Row flats have a decidedly neo-retro look and obviously have the typical buckle strap detail of a shoe. Mary Jane.

Ballerinas in the mesh, which have become favorites of the stars

Also called mesh ballerinas, you could say that these “no-shoe” shoes have become a must-have for the summer season thanks to their minimal yet captivating cut – and not at all obvious.

Mesh ballet flats are also among the most worn shoes by stars and style icons such as Elsa Hosk and Jennifer Lawrence who wear them in casual outfits due to their comfort and unique versatility. Just pair them with Elsa’s socks and they’ll be perfect for winter too.

Elsa Hosk

Jennifer Lawrence

Alternatively, we also opted for the Pīferi model, with pink details (including a strap on the instep) that break up the shoe’s dark line, making it more romantic.

Gladiator flats for a stylish look

Gladiator ballet shoes are a much more complex model than previous models, characterized by many straps at the instep to the ankles; shoes that emphasize the leg and slim the figure.

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023

Both ballerinas we have chosen have a triple strap: the first from Zara, the cut is flat, the finish is opaque. The Carel Paris model, on the contrary, is made of leather, has a glossy finish and has a comfortable 3 cm heel.

Elasticated ballerinas for a practical look.

In full style ballet, elastic ballerinas are one of the most popular ultra-flat models, as they are especially versatile (but, above all, comfortable); they adapt to every need and are perfect for wearing in both summer and winter.

Aimee Song

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023

Aimee Song wears one of the hottest styles of the moment, the Miu Miu flats in semi-gloss black leather: the elastic strap is comfortable and very practical, and it has a durable rubber sole that makes them really comfortable. The Mango model is a worthy alternative if you’re looking for something less demanding but with a very similar design; The main difference lies in the finish of the shoe, this time in matte and satin.

Tabi flats for a modern look

An unexpected trend, and the most recent of all, are the Tabi flats: a modern cut made famous by Maison Margiela, who have made this shoe cut iconic in all its variations, from boots to our favorite dancers.

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023

Dua Lipa

The first street style look uses a classic ballerina by Maison Margiela, with a tabi toe and matte leather; Instead, Dua Lipa chooses a model with a more sophisticated but always minimalist cut, with an ankle closure and a silver buckle, as well as a distinctive logo with a single contrast stitching.

House of Margiela

House of Margiela

House of Margiela

House of Margiela

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