Banda MS Arrives on Telemundo’s ‘la Suerte de Loli’ and Shares the Scene With Mika Kubo

Mika Kubo with the vocalists of Banda MS on the set of 'La Suerte de Loli'.

The Mexican-Japanese actress has been one of the great discoveries for the followers of ‘La Suerte de Loli’ on Telemundo and will soon share the scene with Banda MS in the comedy

One of the funniest aspects of Telemundo’s “ La Suerte de Loli ” is the number of celebrities who have passed through its set. The advantage of comedy is that it is set inside a fictional radio station in Los Angeles. Figures such as Paulina Rubio,  Lupillo Rivera,  Manuel Turizo, among many more have passed through the series.

In the chapter that is scheduled for Monday, May 10, it will be the  MS Band who will show their talents as actors in soap operas. Oswaldo Silvas Carreón and Alan Ramírez, vocalists of the successful group, will share the scene with the character of Angie, played by the Mexican-Japanese actress  Mika Kubo.

The advance of the scene that is already circulating on the networks, Kubo is seen very excited to welcome the band in the offices of Global Radio. Angie, like Rafael’s assistant ( Osvaldo Benavides ) and Paulina Castro’s friend ( Gaby Espino ), thanks to the vocalists for having accepted the invitation to the music festival that takes place in fiction.

Angie claims to be a fan of the MS Band revealing that she “knows all” the songs as they are “so romantic”.

“We really sing about love, heartbreak, women … what’s more, we are all gentlemen,” Alan says on stage.

The full scene can be seen by the public on Monday, May 10 at 9 pm/8c on Telemundo.


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What is Telemundo’s ‘La Suerte de Loli’ about?

“La Suerte de Loli,” tells the story of Loli Aguilar (Navarro), a successful and independent woman who works as an executive producer at Global Radio Group, the number one radio station on the West Coast of the United States. As Loli’s career is on the rise, her love life takes a back seat as she enjoys her freedom and life without compromise.

However, her life takes an unexpected turn when Mariana ( Jacqueline Bracamontes ), her best friend, passes away and leaves everything to Loli, including her two children. The news takes everyone by surprise and especially Loli, who feels that she is the least suitable person for this task. Loli will have to face her new reality and learn suddenly that work is not everything in life, and discover that the true meaning of success is family and love.