Bandai Namco announces the event Play Souls Live in July


Bandai Namco Games America has announced that Play Anime Live, a showcase dedicated to the latest news on games (presumably themed anime and manga, at least judging from the name of the event) coming soon on PC, console and mobile.

The broadcast will be aired on the July 23 at 01:00 in the morning Italian time, the publisher promises interviews with the developers, new trailers, announcements, gameplay, and much more. The lineup has not been revealed but it is likely we will see the reveal focused on anime games and lacks licensed products from Bandai Namco, can we expect news for brands such as Dragon Ball, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Saint Seiya, Jojo, and maybe even Jump Force.

Difficult at this time to find out more, who knows, maybe Bandai Namco can’t take advantage of this opportunity to announce a new video game for the Dragon Ball, maybe the long-awaited Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 or the rumored Dragon Ball FighterZ, even if at the moment this is only a hypothesis without confirmation.

We’ll know certainly more at the end of the month, when Bandai Namco will broadcast its show Play Souls Live, visible on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube.

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