Bandana pants, indie pants worth a try

Comfortable, even super comfy, perfect for infusing your absolutely cool summer looks with style and color. What are we talking about? One of those trends that we all need to take and make our own, at least to be able to walk freely and happily in new clothes that adapt to any body shape, is bandana pants.

A celebrity-loving pair of indie soul pants that are perfect for everyday occasions, and why not, you might be venturing a smart look with your favorite neutral-colored bandana pants. Clothing that once you try it, you will never want to part, not only because of its practicality and comfort, but also because of its exceptional durability, which makes it a must-have in your wardrobe.

When you get ready, in what order do you do things?

Bandana patches, a piece of clothing with vintage graphics.

But what are bandanas? Do you know a shawl or scarf that you more or less like to wear on your head, around your neck, tie on a bracelet, etc., decorating your look with a super recognizable style detail? Here we are talking about nothing more than cotton trousers, which have exactly the same pattern as classic bandanas.

A design that was not actually born today, but has a very long history that starts around 1700s in India. Clothes that at that time were mostly made of cashmere-printed silk in two color options: blue and red. An accessory that was created to tie hair together, protect the head from the sun, yes, so that in Sanskrit, the term “bandhana” means one’s own connection. It was only with the dominance of the British and Dutch in India that this accessory was also introduced to Europe, over time becoming the garment we all know and expanding its functions and meanings.

Clothing that has become the epitome of the style of cowboys, the first LGBT activists of the 70s, rockers and rappers of the 80s and 90s, and up to the present, is used as a style accessory or a cult piece to inspire your entire look. Just like with the bandana.

What to wear with bandana pants

But back to the main characters of our conversation and how to wear them this summer to turn each look into an unprecedented concentrate of color and originality.

The ancestor of fashion, who flaunts the streets with bandana trousers, is she, a supermodel. Gigi Hadidthe creator more or less consciously follows trends to follow instantly, just like the one who sees her in green bandanas with a sweater and a cream-colored scarf.

A simple, casual, super comfortable look that doesn’t go unnoticed and is worth copying or building on.

Perhaps choosing one the freshest combination, depending on the season, and wear bandanna pants with a crop top or tank top and a blazer or maxi sweatshirt to stay open. Or even with a classic white tank top. Perfect as a contrast to your bright trousers and paired with a nice pair of white sneakers.

If you like B/W then we see that bandana pants are very well suited to be worn in their most basic version, opting for white with a black pattern or vice versa and combining a very simple round neck t-shirt that combines the colors of the motifs painted on your super cool bandana pants. And pairing them all with a pair of cushioned sandals or in a minimal and flatter version, you create a more elegant look.

In short, no matter how you want to combine them, it is important to always be able to do it, always keep your bandanas on hand and in your outfit and show them off at every opportunity.

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