Barbara de Regil is declared fan of Danna Paola and this is the reason (VIDEO)


The famous mexican actress Barbara de Regilleft crazy to your followers of Instagram to reveal that you are a fan of Danna Paolabecause apparently the young singer left shocked to the famous girl fitness for your most recent project.

One of the things that most fascinates him to the celebrity of Instagram is to make exercises, but in his free time enjoys to relax, so do not hesitate to see the new season “Elite”; the famous series where the singer of “Bad reputation” is involved.

We recall that the project was premiered last march 13 at the streaming platform of Netflix, becoming one of the latest trends and views, so that the girl fitness follow the recommendations of the users to see it.

But apparently the girl fitness Barbara de Regil was shocked with the character that you made Danna Paola in the series, for his 24 years of age has become one of the appear as villains more popular on the internet after you have played Lucrecia Montesinos.

The singer has a new fan

The girl fitness shared through their stories of Instagram, one of the last chapters of the third season of “Elite”, even wrote that is a fan of the famous mexican singer, as was fascinated with the work that made the artist in the Spanish series.

The young singer has become a celebrity on Instagram to have more than 20 million followers, has even surpassed the instructor exercises Barbara de Regil who takes the time more than 5.8 million fans on Instagram.

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Danna Paola already has a new fan, because due to his participation in the famous series “Elite”, the beautiful girl fitness has been intrigued to see what talented is the young singer, since her young age, has become one of the actresses mexican most popular.

Photo: Instagram.

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