Bárbara de Regil Reveals That Her Breast Implants Were Used

Barbara de Regil

The actress says that since her mother never taught her to love her body, at the first opportunity she put boobs.

Bárbara de Regil confessed that from a very young age she felt traumatized by her small bust, that she got implants, which without her knowing, were reused and caused her many health problems.

This weekend, the protagonist of ‘Rosario Tijeras’ told her followers on Instagram: “When I was in my teens they called me ‘flat’ because I didn’t have boobs. It traumatized me, hurt me, and made me very insecure. When I grew up, at the first opportunity I had, because nobody taught me to love myself as I am, I went to an operating room. Everything went wrong with my operation ”.

Barbara said that in 2011 she was collaborating on a project and that she already felt a lot of discomforts, but was not supported by the production to go to the doctor until she finished that work she went to consult and the surgeon told her that they had to operate on her emergency. Upon awakening from anesthesia, the doctor told him: “You will not believe what I found, your implants were used.”

The actress had to be intervened to rebuild her tissues, and treatments to cure infections, leaving many marks and scars, but she considers that that is the least important.

Barbara confessed that her mother never taught her to love herself, and that is the reason why her self-esteem was always on the ground, and because of this, she made wrong decisions, as in this case, putting herself in the hands of a doctor without professional ethics and without the necessary credentials to practice their profession.