Barbara de Regil tells Belinda in the network and the users of the decimate, with the critical


The actress Barbara de Regil does the rest of the users in the social network, due to the fact that, this time, for the sake of controversy once again, when you comment on a photo of the singer Belinda in the networks, with the result that the users of the criticaran and burlaran of Barbara de Regil. “If they are going to love it, because it is in the Spanish language.

On this occasion, Barbara de Regil I reacted to a post on the singer’s Belinda a piropo is, however, at this time, the users in the social network don’t let her pass up the opportunity to poke fun at the actress-Rosario-Scissors, with the comment with malicious intent.

The picture that I have created controversy on social networks, where it is indicated with a black dress and a crown, which he had used for the program “The Voice” on TV Azteca. Wow (more of an emoji)”. Commented: Barbara de Regil in the photo, the singer is a coach on The Voice Belinda.

This response was sufficient to ensure that the users in the social network, it will remember the actress for her comments to be racist for a couple of weeks ago, when it became a trend on social media. Some of the comments were in the form of criticism, and the other in a tone, he and the parents.

“Barbara de Regil nothing more than my Beli if you eat a taco, and it’s super simple to do, and you don’t believe that coach’s life, apréndele something.” “If you like it, because it’s a blonde”, “if It is not” black, “and no, that mexico is not that ugly”. And a lot of comments of this kind, it is the answer for the actress Barbara de Regil.

While other users, you have reminded us Barbara you should make a point of the network and until it is remembered that it was mentioned that this new system is only on Twitter). The Barbara respond to the user, and the followers of the Belinda it doesnt have to criticarla.

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