Barbara D’Urso and striped boxers: crazy presenter, legs in the foreground

Barbara Durso on vacation
Barbara D’Urso allowed herself a few days off in Vietri sul Mare (photo on Instagram @barbaracarmelitadurso) –

The TV presenter allowed herself a beach holiday and shared with subscribers the summer outfits she wore.

Barbara D’Urso has been at the center of the Italian news in recent months due to her stormy farewell to Canale 5. After arguing over the past few weeks, the presenter has decided to take a well-deserved rest, waiting to find out what her future commitments will be. Therefore, in order to escape the heat and enjoy the sea, D’Urso decided to go to Vietri sul Marea place in the province of Salerno that is usually visited by artists and celebrities.

In fact, the presenter was not alone: ​​there were several TV presenters with her, including Eva Grimaldi AND Enzo Michio. Beautiful as ever, D’Urso, as always, shared photos and videos from the celebration on her Instagram profile and wowed everyone with a decidedly special outfit.

Always very attentive to style and image, as you can see from her Instagram profile, the presenter often posts photos of her appearance. One of the latter, however, was especially appreciated by his fans. This is the shot where D’Urso is wearing boxer shorts. This detail betrays the TV presenter’s attention to the latest fashion trends.

Boxers: the favorite thing of summer 2023

It was not the classic flannel boxers with the incredible patterns that were often used as pajamas in the early 2000s that attracted the attention of connoisseurs of style. boxer 2023 fresh, elegant, with soft and summer colors and it can be worn on different occasions, from the beach to the bar.

boxers trend 2023
Even American pop star Olivia Rodrigo succumbed to the allure of boxers during her summer vacation (photo on Instagram @oliviarodrigo) –

Many experts in fashion and trends have predicted that boxers will sooner or later be in the spotlight. Designed for carefree, cool comfort, they’re perfect for summer wear. Many boxers are made from soft lightweight cotton you hate poplin cottonwhich is fresh and very easy to wear and wash.

Like many recent viral trends, the image of the “boxers” of 2023 has taken hold on TikTok. In fact, its most famous users have worn boxers with loafers, crop tops, socks and sandals, shirts, cowboy boots, mountains of gold jewelry. and almost every other item in their wardrobe.

The key to making a street photography worthy summer boxer is to not try too hard or take it too seriously. It should be seen as a relaxed, relaxed, comfortable image, as if saying:I wore it the way it was.. They can be paired with loose sweaters or crew-neck sweatshirts, T-shirts, baseball caps, sneakers or sandals. Generally speaking, if you wear denim shorts with your clothes, boxers will probably work too.

Barbara D’Urso and fashion summer 2023

Summer 2023 fashion struck everyone with a bold paradox: underwear, usually hidden away and considered personal, is now becoming a distinctive item to flaunt. Indeed, in the world of TikTok hashtag #boxeroutfit has attracted significant attention in recent months, reaching and exceeding 90k views.

So this summer Traditional men’s boxers have been given new life as a streetwear staple.. D’Urso decided to follow the trend and showed off a pair of boxers during a social walk in Vietri sul Mare.

Barbara Durso boxer
Barbara D’Urso follows the trend of boxers as shorts on TikTok (Photo via Instagram @barbaracarmelitadurso) –

The host then shared a bold look on Instagram and it showed how these boxers easily transform into casual shorts, perfectly reflecting the trends of this hot summer of 2023.

The host chose to combine striped boxers with White Chanel T-shirt with colorful prints. Accompanied by the outfit then were Gucci signature gold mules This colorful bag paired with a hat. Thus, the look is perfect for stylish walks on hot summer days. In another photo, he instead paired the same boxers with one long shirtwith the same vertical striped pattern but reversed colors.

The combination possibilities are truly endless.. Blue and white striped boxers can be masterfully paired with a white blouse and canvas sneakers for a casual look, or perhaps with a white top, oversized blue striped shirt and flat sandals for a more formal look.

Boxers are no longer sent to the bedroom or underwear drawer. In fact, the humble boxer is now the staple of many of the most viral looks of summer 2023, and they even look Plain dethrone denim shorts are a must-have for hot summer days..

Barbara Durso in a boxing suit
The presenter shared the outfit on Instagram and received thousands of enthusiastic comments from fans (Instagram photo @barbaracarmelitadurso) –

Boxers similar to those worn by Barbara D’Urso can be found in almost all major retailers, starting with the most popular ones like Uniqlo and Yoox. Those who are looking for more sophisticated models can pay attention to the boxers from the Gucci collection.

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