Barbara D’Urso, contract expires

Barbara D'Urso Discovery

Barbara D’Urso left Mediaset – (Photo: Ansa)

Discovery is now also featured in Barbara D’Urso’s 2024 programs. There are many suggestions for the leader.

Pierre Silvio does not want this, but now everyone is looking for him. And now Barbara D’Urso, after a far from painless break with Mediaset, is preparing to become the character of 2024, but still does not have a given program to her credit.

Not bad, because the queen of the Canale 5 daytime lounge seems to be courted by several TV stations, both as a guest and, naturally, as a presenter.

The contract with Mediaset expires on December 31, 2023, after 20 years with the company, but in the meantime, Carmelita is trying to change her position in the schedule.

Among the various rumors – Beasts Dancing with the Stars Domenica Ying in which she would have been sent as a guest anyway – now a broadcaster is also on the horizon, preparing a truly competitive 2024 TV offer.

Discovery takes aim at D’Urso

Welcomed with open arms Fazio, Littizzetto and Lagerbeck leaving Rai after many years of successful seasons What’s the weather like there, now the Warner Discovery platform is about to offer something to D’Urso as well.

Laura Carafoli, Local Content and Platform Production Manager (which also includes Nove and Real Time) talked about the Neapolitan host. Carafoli explained on Republic that by now the schedules had been drawn up, but she would like to deal with d’Urso in the future.

Barbara D'Urso

Barbara D’Urso and the Discovery Hypothesis –

An opportunity not to be missed

D’Urso is an incredible character, witty, very curious, a character that has a lot to say about: she’s a woman who made television history. I have always followed her. This season is over, we don’t have an idea, but I would like to deal with it one day, he is the youngest of all“, Carafoli said.

Meanwhile, the presenter, who went to Basilicata for a prestigious award, spoke about her return (not only to the theater with Taxi A Due Piazza): “I have a very serene and peaceful summer and I am happy. I am disappointed? Yes, I’m a little sad and disappointed, but professionally I’m very relaxed. Now I am enjoying the summer and also on vacation, but I have a lot of plans. There are many steps ahead. Because they would like me in other places. – the presenter continued – As Valerio Scanu says in all places, in all lakes. I’m talking to housewives, someone said they’re not there, but they’re there, and they’re there, don’t worry, I’ll be back when you least expect it, but I really will.”.

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