Barbara Farratt screams for help, seeks hospital treatment

Cuban activist Bárbara Farrat asked for help in hospital admission as she was a zero positive patient and her condition deteriorated.

“The most important thing I come to you today is to plead. As many people know, I am a zero-positive patient. I was hospitalized with systemic gastritis, and when I started to have a crisis, I kept vomiting.” Cuban said in a direct email.

Farratt explained that her husband, Orlando Ramirez, had been taking her to the hospital in recent days, where she was told she should be admitted, but this was a huge dilemma for the family because of the financial situation they were in.

“My son, being a political expressive and a protester, they won’t let him work; my husband won’t be allowed to work because he claims to be an activist; I can’t work because I claim to be a human rights activist .. we have a child, my one and a half year old grandson, the son of Jonathan Torres Farratt, he should not take any responsibility. The problem is I have to get in, but I need help because I need rehab and I know I’m authoritarian There is a risk in the hospital at the hands of the regime, but what is unlikely to happen is what happened to my family in front of me,” Barbara Farratt explained.

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The activist noted that she would need financial and food donations for her family, or she would not enter because she would not worry about her family’s food.

“Inside they can give me garbage, but I can’t leave my family without knowing what they’re going to eat. Beautiful family, please help me; I depend on you,” he stressed.

The activist left her phone number 55086054 for those who can donate and contribute to her cause.

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