Bárbara Mori Returns to the Small Screen With “la Negociadora”

Bárbara Mori

After years of dedicating himself only to the cinema, he returns as the protagonist of this series.

Bárbara Mori announces her return to television, after years of dedicating herself only to the cinema, and does so as the protagonist of the series ‘La Negociadora’.

Mori commented: “For me, a very important factor in choosing a project is that the scripts are well written. Director Juancho Cardona let me read practically the entire series and that was very important ”.

Barbara spoke of her character ‘Eugenia Velazco’, who is a police officer, a negotiator on the issue of kidnappings, with fame and prestige throughout Latin America, and in this case, she faces the largest kidnapping in history: “She is a woman who she has a lot of determination, which generates a lot of empathy with the kidnapper, a policewoman, that I personally have nothing to do with that world.

‘La Negociadora’ premiered on February 11 and can be seen through the Pattaya platform in the United States and Puerto Rico, and through Claro Video in Mexico.


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