Barbicore, why does the passion for beauty arise?

we talk a lot barbie the movie, There are people who say they will go see it in the cinema, and there are people who say they will never go. but meanwhile barbiewith film margot robbie and directed by Greta Gerwig, who’s already directed another blockbuster, little Women, which took us back in time when we were little girls, has become an undeniable beauty obsession. As a model of aspirational beauty, Barbie has spawned a phenomenon that inspires everyone, at any age, to reflect on society’s values, in the midst of patriarchal beauty models and trends fighting against conformity.

We’re officially in the Barbie era, as evidenced by the latest data reported by Pinterest, where the trend is literally taking off. search keywords like barbicore And barbie mood board Social media has grown by 980% and 1,290%, respectively, over the past year. Terms like hot pink chrome nails are searched 1465% more. But also hot pink glitter nails up 165%, barbie makeup looks up 310%, barbie pink makeup searches up 275%, barbie afro up 125%, barbie inspired hairstyles up 415%, barbie ponytail up 320%, hot pink dreadlocks up 635%, hot pink braces up 140%.

We have analyzed 5 reasons that in our opinion led to this effect barbicore,

  1. There The nature of the Amarkord doll and its beauty looks They have the power to directly touch the realm of memories. It is not surprising that for the world premiere of the film the actress margot robbie Next in line is the 60s, which we all replicated in childhood by copying our favorite dolls.
  2. its pink worldIn all its forms, which is 219 C in the official Pantone palette, Retrieves and validates positive color choice. think pink, think positiveHasn’t this always been the motto of those who always aim to see the glass as half full?
  3. It allows you to dive into the past made of lightheartedness and moments of lightnessWhich girls and boys since the 60s have experienced by impersonating the doll they voiced, by imagining themselves in the clothes, hair, makeup of the doll.
  4. pink doll has stood the test of time and has demonstrated the ability to evolve Appointed A in 2016 new bodyopposite of this Three, beautiful, tall and curvy, riding on the wave of body positivity. as well as new skin tones and hair textures to reflect the diversity of the young owners. In addition, since 1988, the toy brand Mattel was introduced. there is, One of Barbie’s friends of Latino origin and brown hair, and appeared from 1968 christie, Doll’s first African-American friend. to its maker The global symbol of beauty could not stand still and had to be able to represent any type of woman and personality.
  5. has a feminist perspectiveEven if sometimes disputed, because despite the fact that the doll was born in California with blonde hair, pink nails and attention to the smallest beauty detail, it has always presented a story women empowerment, barbie could do anything, In no time to be an astronaut, a working woman, a boss. And who other than Rihanna, with soul Rogue Excellence, understood as someone who knows what she wants and gets it, she has not missed an opportunity to ride on this interpretation of the barbiecore trend by launching a new color barbie inspired, pink limo scene of her lipstick Fenty Beauty’s Icon Velvet Liquid Lipstick.

For those looking to get a jump on the barbiecore trend that’s already invaded the world since last summer, Nyx Cosmetics has launched a limited edition make-up collection barbie the movieIn partnership with Warner Bros.

Includes two minis inspired by the energetic and electrifying colors of the world’s most popular dolls eyeshadow palette credit card size with mini butter glaze, A Mini palette with two blushes and one highlighter For a sun-kissed look; two shades of jumbo eye pencil in vibrant pink and electric blue; false eyelashes jumbo lashes With Pink Bunches—Barbie; Two sleek whip With matte finish, a butter glaze In a special Barbie Land pink color and a mirror the size of a phone.

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