Barbie: a love letter to all women

Have you ever felt the need to be understood? To be accepted and for someone or something to see and analyze your inner world? Here Barbie is here to answer your many existential doubts with a deep, philosophical and capable analysis of the social issues that have plagued humanity for centuries; such as: misogyny, feminism, capitalism, patriarchy and mind manipulation.


Barbie, film, director Greta Gerwigbegins by showing us the fantasy world of Barbieland, a bustling matriarchy city where the most famous Barbie lives (Margot Robbie) and all the other Barbies live a perfect life and play a variety of roles in their careers: lawyers, doctors and politicians; while the Kens exist more as an accessory in their lives. Everything seems to be going great and flawlessly until, in the middle of a Barbie party full of glitz and pop, Stereotypical Barbie comes up with a thought that no Barbie should have, creating a series of circumstances that she will be forced into. visit the human world to correct its “shortcomings”.

An explosion of pink that can make you change your mind

Whether you’re a woman or a man and you’re about to see Barbie in the movies, I suggest you put on waterproof mascara, or at least be prepared to shed rivers of tears, perhaps bringing some tissues with you; because Barbie is truthful, she prefers a female audience that has always been neglected, over-exaggerated and/or sexualized by the world’s filmmakers, but she has many aspects that make the vision enjoyable for everyone. Let’s analyze them together!

At first glance, Barbie may seem like a funny movie (and it really is), but this is just the first facade that almost immediately reveals the true meaning. With an exhilarating and brilliant beat, an explosion of pink that can dry out the world’s stereotypical female colors, Barbieland is home to the perfect life of every Barbie and Ken present; nothing can go wrong, and if there’s ever a problem, there’s an infirmary or, in a pinch, “Barbie Freak,” an irreverent outcast character who will be extremely useful and interesting to the plot.

An ideal country, an ideal life, ideal friendships and ideal bodies… But what if some problem arises in Barbieland that is insoluble for every inhabitant? In the life of the “Stereotype Barbie” played a large and multifaceted Margot Robbie (capable of shaping each character in her own image and likeness), unusual thoughts suddenly arise and enter her mind, forcing her to walk away from the impeccable life in Barbieland.

Not all problems are solvable

The stereotypical Barbie is forced to follow her own nature without thinking too much about her, an ideal life in a constant cycle, excluding the possibility of personal opinion about her, like her kind. But if in our world women are belittled and treated as an inferior race that has no special value, then in Barbieland everything is quite the opposite: the attitude towards them is satirical and extreme, most likely, specially on the part of the director. Greta Gerwig; now one naturally wonders: “but it would be really right if they were in our world women responsible? Instead of men?” The answer is obviously no, but this reality created by Gerwig has voluntarily opened up that possibility to many. “Ken Kasa Mojo Dojo” I didn’t like it and he felt almost threatened!

Irony is required here, dear readers, but jokes often tell the truth, just like in the real world.

As for the feminism present in Barbie, it may seem strange and ridiculous. “doesn’t make sense”it must be said that this was a provocative insert, also made to differentiate itself from more “serious” cinematographic works, which, although well-intentioned, often fail to convey the desired message due to many Ken. Instead, by using this visual and provocative-comic method of approach, certain annoyances of trauma and internal complexes were infringed upon. audiences of all kinds causing great confusion among all moviegoers and critics.

You can also criticize some minor scene, for example, a battle between Ken or scenes of veiled conquest Barbie to them, which could have been avoided in order to contribute more to the meaning of the film, but the latter is already full of messages that need to be deciphered even with great difficulty; not to mention that the so-called some “Trivial film Barbie» he also owns comedy as a genre.

cinematic objectivity

This is not about praising a movie that sells, because the essence of The Seventh Art points to something else, and this should be remembered more often; but it is a matter of recognizing the value that the Work carries. For God’s sake, you can have different opinions, and you don’t have to love Barbie, but if we really want to achieve objectivity, then we can’t even demonize the judgments of others who liked the movie and/or avoid recognition. excellent implementation of a feature film with excellent directing, excellent acting Margot Robbie AND Ryan Gosling but not only parts of the script, scenography and technical part in a more general sense; we can also name a musical direction that gives us a pleasant company that often peeps out and is never intrusive.

Barbie is an endearment for all females, and also shows us the emotional bond that grows and changes between mothers and daughters and, more generally, between women, and also, to be precise, considering the relationship between Barbies. The creator of the famous brand created a doll with a very specific purpose: the desire to demonstrate that we can all be whoever we want, because we are naturally capable of it, that there is a place in the world for each of us.

Unusual messages

A small cameo by the director is good, even if it is just a voice-over, which comments on the doubts of our Barbie, played by Margot Robbie, how impossible it is for an actress with such a charming and perfect beauty to doubt herself. aesthetics; it is also a good message for all those who may have fears and insecurities about their image, no matter who they are or who they may be.

We’ve already said that the Kens present in Barbieland are the opposite of the women in our reality, but the movie also talks about the world’s most famous male doll (ironically after Barbie); Ken is also presented as representing some of the more hidden sides, willingly or not, of the male sex. Once in the human world, Ken becomes interested in everything related to the Patriarchy, and would like to turn the situation with Barbyland by taking possession of it along with other Kens.

But behind all this lies a huge inferiority complex, including due to ten years of events (counting the years of the existence of the doll), which leads to a state of frustration for all Kens (does this remind you of something?). Seriously, Ken also has a special meaning to Barbie, but above all to himself, because he has a long way to go to understand that he can cry, feel emotions and find his place independently of Barbie. Thus, Ken played the role of the “woman” of our world in Barbieland, but throughout the film he shows more or less hidden sides of the male gender of our reality.

Precious Movie Legacy

Echoing what the creator of Barbie, who is present in the film, says:Humans only have one end. Ideas live forever.And this is what the film most hopes to convey by launching this myriad of messages, that is, to remind us of all this. a love letter to all of us Barbie and Ken and all the meanings and messages it tried to convey.

Of course, the success of Barbie in theaters is also due to various memes on the net in combination with the release of the film.Oppenheimerand the warm reception of the public to the pinkest film, allowing us to leave the theaters with a background capable of lulling and soothing, as when he accompanies us in a touching scene in which Barbie talks and cries with her creator with a gentle shot focused on his crying eye, which can shock you, as it happened to us; this theme song will often come back to your mind thanks to the lyrics and the theme song: “What was I made for?” From Billie Eilish in the end credits, perhaps the most important tune of all in the movie.

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