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If there’s one film that’s been getting a lot of buzz in Colombia and around the world in recent weeks, it’s Barbie. I don’t think the tape would tempt me and as a grown woman I would not pay to see this doll, it has filled my head with ridiculous stereotypes from a very young age and I still vehemently struggling.

I remember the first time I saw an ad for this movie. At that moment I said to myself, “I can’t believe they dared to be so bold. Did they actually make a movie with Barbie dolls?” I decided I wasn’t going to see her anyway. Then, as on many other occasions, I changed my mind after listening to the Jacarandas Columbia video on Instagram, which made a suggestive comment about the famous plastic blonde’s tape.

Indeed, many things in the film are exaggerated, many things are ridiculed, obvious reality is distorted, and clichés don’t mean much anymore. However, there are some really interesting conversations that draw attention to the everyday challenges women face. Too much burden is already on our shoulders and we accept it lest it be uncomfortable. As if that wasn’t enough, from Eve to today, we’ve been told that everything negative that happens in the world is our fault and responsibility. lie.

Everything starts to change in “Barbie Country” when a doll externalizes the idea of ​​the unknown and discovers that she has cellulite. Analgesic questions like these allow the film to show how impossible it is to be a woman in a society that has been telling us for decades that we must be kind, thin, self-sacrificing, and have a partner, because being alone is not enough .

In the real world, women are each living their own process, deconstructing themselves and truly becoming who we are autonomously, freely and consciously determined. However, the task is not easy and is far from being overcome, and the challenges are multiple and complex. Even if we are accused of insisting on repeating so-called stale and boring discourse, it is all worth it knowing that women are still being objectified, invisible, abused and murdered.

At some point I wondered if girls and boys were the right audience for the content despite the jokes, toys, dancing and colors shown in the movie, today I answered yes to that question because I think it’s going in the right direction , information such as those intended to be shared on tape must be received from an early age.

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