Even if you are not in the circle of her fans, you must admit that the Australian Margot Robbie now she is probably the most prominent actress in American cinema, thanks to the qualities that distinguish her and the number of films in which she starred. However, he is also characterized by a mediocre filmography and this, of course, is not a great success with the public. Barbie to be able to level up. Not to mention the upcoming asteroid citydirected by the overrated Wes Anderson.

Barbie and other films with Margot Robbie

That Margot Robbie’s best movie is one of the first she’s been in is a bad sign. The wolf of Wall Street (identifier.), directed by Martin Scorsese, originates in 2013. Prior to this, the young actress starred in three films and several television series. IN The wolf of Wall Street Margot Robbie plays Naomi La Paglia, the wife of Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), an unscrupulous broker.

If you want to understand why in American cinema we can no longer write scripts and shoot the simplest stories, The Legend of Tarzan should be taken as a sample. In the 2016 film directed by David Yates, Lord Greystoke/Tarzan lives in England for a while and is married to Jane Porter, partly a very young Margot Robbie. Tarzan is persuaded to return to the Congo and runs into a soldier who wants to take over the country’s mineral resources. Never before has a Tarzan movie been so devoid of atmosphere and spirit of adventure.

it’s not that much either Suicide Squad (identifier.), filmed in 2016 and directed by David Ayer. The third installment of the DC Cinematic Universe, which tells about the deeds of a group of supervillains hired by the US government. At least Margot Robbie has a way to bring the movie’s best character to life. Harley Quinn.

In 2017, Margot Robbie is the main character of the series Tonya (I am Tonya), directed by Craig Gillespie. The biography of figure skater Toni Harding, after a low-key start, focuses mainly on Tony’s relationship with her abusive husband. Then we move on to a court case in which the skater was called into question.
Tonya it’s a classic, seemingly unconventional film (as Tonya claims at one point) that’s actually obvious in both theme and structure. Of the two hours of the film, only the end credits survive, with period films (including the performance of the real Harding): a demonstration of the lack of expressive power of certain cinema.

IN Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), 2019, Quentin Tarantino, through the stories of two unsuccessful actors, as usual, in a severe and frank form, reveals a story so frightening (the murder of Sharon Tate by the Charles Manson sect) that one should have faced a good different approach (or not considered at all) .
Rolling Stone wrote about Margon Robbie’s participation as Sharon Tate: “If the film withers, Robbie will remain his trump card”. But it’s also true that Margot Robbie doesn’t have that soft, naïve softness typical of the sixties that Sharon Tate had.

Margot Robbie will return as Harley Quinn for the first time in 2020. Birds of Prey and the phantasmagoric revival of Harley Quinn (“Birds of Prey and the Fantastic Liberation of Harley Quinn”). Directed by Cathy Yan.
The Birds of Prey are a group of heroines (Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya) who are joined by Harley Quinn. The four rush into battle to defeat the villain Roman Sionis. In an interview, the actress identified it as a feminist film (she has done the same recently for Barbie).

Followed in 2021 Suicide Squad – Suicide Mission (Suicide Squad), to which James Gunn has a hand. A team of supervillains led by Rick Flagg is sent on a mission this time to a South American island ruled by a dangerous dictator who imprisons Harley Quinn. Gunn squanders credit earned guardians of the galaxy filmed (poorly) an endless series of fights and didn’t even hit the mark with the humorous scenes. Moreover, it finally spoiled the character of Harley Quinn.

It was not easy to make Tarantino worse, but pretentious Damien Chazelle he succeeded. Babylon, released in 2022, shares some similarities with Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood. The participation of the main cast (besides Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt in the male lead), an attempt to reconstruct the cinematic era (in this case Hollywood of the 1920s) and disproportionate ambitions.

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