Barbie close to Warner Bros. box office record

Barbie’s success knows no brakes and is going to defeat another box office, become a movie Warner Bros.. most successful ever. The film, which is now worth over a billion dollars, has proven its ability to attract film lovers from all over the world – and from all genres. Also director’s dedication Greta Gerwig and main character Margot Robbie among the most successful women in film history.

Barbie close to Warner Bros. box office record

Barbie is one step away from another feat: she could surpass the last film of the Harry Potter saga and would become the highest-grossing film in Warner Bros. history. Indeed, in absolute terms, this has already happened: if we use non-inflation-adjusted data such as Numbers, Barbie reaches 16th place, surpassing all other Warner Bros films and only behind Super Mario, released in 2023.

Easter egg from the movie Barbie Bratz

But even taking into account inflation (as Box Office Mojo does), the record of Hogwarts companions is numbered: Barbie is only two million behind. Deathly gifts. Part 2.. Considering there are still a few theaters on the list that have Barbies, this seems like a no-brainer.

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Many films are higher in the ranking Disney (if you also take into account the company 20th Century Fox with “Avatar” and “Titanic”), several films universal (“Jurassic World”, “Furios 7”, the film “Super Mario”) and Paramount (Top Gun: Maverick). But it will soon become the studio’s all-time record, despite many big franchises like DC and Wizarding World.

Barbie keeps breaking records

Barbie continues to dominate the global film scene, setting new box office records within a month of release. In recent weeks, the film has even surpassed Movie “Super Mario Bros” in the United States (worldwide it should gross about 20 million), becoming the most successful film of the year at the American level.

Barbie debuted with a big income $162 million for the first weekend of July. In America, they talked a lot about the effect “Barbenheimer“, which paired Barbie with Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer. Fans watched both films in one evening (or more than five hours over a weekend), generating over $2 billion in worldwide box office receipts. But “Barbie” immediately did more at the US box office, and while we liked it, we doubt it can catch up with Greta Gerwig’s film.

Indeed, since then, the film has shown consistency in attracting audiences. Collider notes that in the United States alone, it grossed $93 million in its second weekend, $53 million in its third, $33 million in its fourth, $21 million in its fifth, and about $15 million in its sixth. It dominated the box office for four consecutive weeks. and held the top spot for an impressive 28 days before being overtaken by rookie Blue Beetle.

Quality beyond marketing

The film was able to make a name for itself with a lot of interest thanks to a combination of trailers and social campaigns that generated a lot of interest. But above all, he won with quality. In addition to the very talented main characters Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling (that if the actors’ strike ended before awards season, they would have a full schedule), among other things, the supporting actors saw America Ferrera, Issa Rae, Simu Liu, Michael Cera, Kate McKinnon, Will Ferrell. And even came from Dua Lipa to John Cena.

But, above all, this success seems to have finally sanctified a career Greta Gerwig. After the success of Lady Bird and Little Women, all moviegoers knew her name. But writing the screenplay (with partner Noah Baumbach) and directing Barbie showed the world what she could do. And while she says she’s dreading the Chronicles of Narnia remake, fans feel like she’s in safe hands.

Barbie could soon be Warner Bros.’s highest-grossing film, possibly the highest-grossing of the year (or very close to it, anyway). And when the nominations for various awards begin at the end of the year, it may not break records, but he is likely to take away other pleasures.

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