Barbie Doesn’t Lift Weights: Does She?

Summer has turned pink, and we can’t blame the high fashion houses for the latest runway shows. Barbie Back and updated. Ken He still looks like a jerk who won’t squeak at anyone. I doubt this movie could be spoiled, maybe because everything has been said and it is predictable: Barbie is fantasy, the real world is far more cruel, and most importantly, Barbies accept that it is original Yes, because here they are not queens. When a portal opens between two worlds—the world of taffy, the happy, colorful toy world, and our modern society—Barbie and Ken face unknown values ​​and orders in their happy man-made toy lives.

Ignoring the evolution of the plot and the not-so-subtle message in a film supposedly made for children, I’m still surprised that, out of all the stereotypes it wants to impose, the image of a strong woman was never chosen. When I say strong, I don’t mean mentally strong, which is also strong, but the type of toughness that you can’t doubt from the appearance of her deltoid muscles that she trains hard, and she doesn’t train hard because She wants to look like a barbie doll, and I’m not talking about a woman who wants to be beautiful, I’m talking about a real strong woman. Despite today’s generally stubborn maintenance of minority sensitivities, women still exist, but have never been represented.

Where is the barbie weightlifter? It doesn’t exist, but in real life, in that world they complain about, because it’s miserable, there are women who practice weightlifting.and weightlifting, like Lydia Valentine.The best karate woman in the women’s karate category in history is called Sandra Sanchez…it’s Spanish, and it exists.A few days ago, the Norwegian Christine Harira Breaking the record of climbing 148,000 peaks in only 92 days.Even when Barbie turns around and beats the primate on duty in the movie and he doesn’t have a better idea than spanking his ass, I’d say she’d do better if she was a muay thai world champion, like Johanna Alonso In addition, he is also in the National Guard, and he can open his mouth and take this person directly to the barracks.

But I insist that the glass-ceiling-shattering Super Barbie doesn’t have those options. She had to know that stepping into real life meant trading out her dainty heels for rough, old tourist flip flops, giving up her perfect body, and obsessing over’s like choosing ‘matrix’ between the blue pill or the red pill, but in a sentimental and redundant tone. No one seems to care that there are other options. True freedom is being able to choose what everyone wants instead of being forced upon you by any kind of single reality.

In the real world, do Barbie dolls lift weights? I think the “athletic barbie” has been made and will wear leg warmers in ludo colors and a kilo of pink weights, although the truth is that barbie’s physique is that of a woman who trains a lot, but in this case What’s unreal isn’t because of her lack of cellulite, but because the doll lacks muscular definition. Thin, yes. muscular? No way, it’s not aesthetically pleasing.

that Regulatory Authority It has long since lost its meaning. When catwalk models impose standards of what is or isn’t beautiful, it’s considered a sign of disapproval. After an afternoon of shopping, norm is chunky and outcast, them and them. Barbie and Kens don’t seem traumatized by their new realities, whoever tries to tell them otherwise should just shut up, living with cellulite, baggy clothes and flip flops is hard enough . As always, standards of beauty distort any rational conversation on the subject. A beautiful person is first and foremost a healthy person, and the stronger the better in the broadest sense of the term. But that prism doesn’t seem to have a place in this feature film. It was the film that swept the box office and won the hearts of the masses. That’s what consumes the most.

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