barbie dominates the best italian summer

Fifth weekend in the lead Barbie, which, thanks to the 876,375 euros collected from Thursday 17 to Sunday 20 August, reaches a total of 29,046,367 (322 screens, averaging 2722). The incredible performance of the film with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling (the first film by a solo director to cross the one billion mark: currently the global gross is one billion 279 million dollars) made the summer of 2023 the best year for the Italian box office with almost 90 billion in total. which exceeds the 84 registered in the same 2011 season. And it’s Thursday, August 23rd. Oppenheimeralready released in major markets on the same day as Barbie (July 21), giving birth to an extraordinary phenomenon Barbienheimer which worked well for both films.

The novelty is in second place in the standings of the day off. blue beetlea superhero film heavily geared towards a Hispanic audience, originally conceived for streaming and finally released in theaters: if it took home €529,214 in Italy, it debuted in the United States with €25 million, undermining Barbie from the peak. Third place for Shark 2 – Abyssanother surprise of the Italian summer, which raised 449,257 euros, reaching 4,660,811 euros.

From the catwalk new Italian release Worst daysreleased on August 14 and based on the same formula as the previous one. Better days (four series for four holidays, including mid-August), with a weekend of 227,709 euros and a total of 454,337. To find two more new entries, we have to go down the last two steps of the podium: exit from the event. Live Metallica M72 World Tour ranks ninth with 46,815 euros, and the author’s proposal Passages it’s tenth with €46,043 (€63,516 including preview).

They complete the top ten Mission: Impossible – Paying for Death – Part 1 (fifth place with 127,049 euros, total 5,230,171), Elementals (sixth with 113,038 euros, total 6,509,212), Demeter – Dracula’s Awakening (seventh with 101,075 euros, total 268,017) e Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (eighth place with €65,323 for a total of €6,308,685).

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