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First went on sale in March 1959. Barbie it is one of the most important toys in history. A fashionable doll capable of captivating girls from all over the world and over time surpassed the line of “simple” toys, becoming the main character of books, comics and animated films. The success that made Barbara Millicent Roberts (that’s her real name) Barbie) global pop icon.

As of July 20 of this year. Barbie also landed in the cinema, interpreted by the magnificent Margot Robbie. The film, directed by Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird), wins the hearts of viewers around the world, earning millions of dollars around the world. An extraordinary success thanks to an undeniably interesting core idea and often meta-narrative writing capable of captivating a wider audience than one might think.

On the occasion of the release of the Warner Bros. so we decided to take a trip to our pastwe are going to fish out five toys from our childhood that we would like to see in the movies. For obvious reasons, our past may not match yours. Therefore, we invite you to write us a comment indicating the five most important toys of your youth for you. Which ones will you keep in your heart forever? What would you like to see on the big screen?

Man of action


Despite Man of action was produced by Palitoy between 1966 and 1984, and it wasn’t until the nineties that the famous character really made a quantum leap. First of all, thanks to Hasbro, who omitted the military references received from GI Joe in order to make her more versatile and less “deployed” adventurer. This allowed Actionman to also become the main character of the 1995 animated series, in which he plays a role somewhat similar to that of Jason Bourne. Then a few secondary characters appear who will then also be made into action figures, which makes Action Man so popular that he is sort of the male equivalent. Barbie.

Barbie Polly Pocket


You will surely remember then Polly Pocketa line of miniature dolls measuring less than one inch (i.e. less than 2.54 cm). Each of them was sold with a small box (a kind of compact), inside which a dollhouse was built. As time went on and the manufacturer changed (from Bluebird Toys to Mattel), Polly Pockets became even more successful, also becoming an animated series broadcast in Italy on Cartoonito. To capitalize on the fame achieved by this line of dolls, Bluebird Toys also created the Mighty Max., a male audience version that combines horror and dark fantasy atmospheres. A little gem that soon received animated broadcast and various video games starring the iconic little boy in a baseball cap.

super liquidator


A real cult of hot summer days, water guns have always been one of the most beloved toys of children all over the world. “Always” is a clear exaggeration, given that the first water pistol dates back to 1896 and was created by Russell Parker. But let’s face it: this is the most famous super liquidator go down in history, becoming a real cult for the children of the nineties. Created by American inventor Lonnie Johnson in 1989, the Super Soaker (this is the original name of the toy) became the deadliest weapon that you can use to splash water in the face of your friends. Unlike Action Man and Polly Pocket, who can be “easily” made into a movie, Super Liquidator will be a bit more difficult to become a Hollywood blockbuster star. But there is a film based on “Battleship”, so anything is possible.

Barbie Crazy ball that talks too much


In 1981, “La Robapazza, la palla pazza che strumpalzza” landed on the market, i.e. a sponge ball that can bounce anywhere, delivering a lot of fun (and a lot of harm). Over the years, he has sunk into oblivion, replaced by a myriad of other toys. Toys like Versacchiosi, or rubber heads that made sounds ranging from disgusting to disturbing when pressed. So GiG thought well about bringing the two franchises together, giving life to the “Talking Ball”, or bouncing ball, characterized by a grotesque face and a series of funny phrase samples. A success that today could easily be turned into an animated series, perhaps built on a few minute sketches.

Barbie Exogeny


We close with the immortals exogenya toy line launched by the aforementioned GiG in 1987. Inspired by the famous Japanese Kinnikuman, Exogini were sold in bags priced at 500 lira and were of varying rarity. Resisting the hobby of collecting was indeed a rare feat. An often unsuccessful venture that often caused the kids of the eighties and nineties to spend all their savings to find every possible combination of these bizarre aliens and colorful fighters. Small footnote: Gormiti was supposed to be the new Exogini series, but during the agreements, everything changed, forcing the company to convert them into a separate intellectual property.. Again, we came across a line of toys that could have easily made their way into the cinema.

And you? Do you remember these toys? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below, or come and have your say in the BadTasteItalia Twitch channel chat.

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