Barbie, Greta Gerwig’s film is up for an Oscar. Here are the categories in which it will be offered

Barbie, Greta Gerwig’s acclaimed film based on Mattel’s iconic fashion doll, is undoubtedly the cinematic phenomenon of the year. With worldwide box office receipts now topping $1.4 billion, the film has cemented itself as not only the biggest success of 2023, but also the highest-grossing film Warner Bros. has ever received. Pictures.

The enormous public and critical acclaim the film received seems to have guaranteed it special viewing status in the next awards season, especially with awards in mind. Oscar 2024.

According to what has been revealed in the last few hours, Warner Bros. launched campaign to support Barbieand will specifically aim to have the film compete in the Best Original Screenplay category, which was written by director Greta Gerwig and her husband Noah Baumbach.

The choice of this category has been the focus of some speculation, as although it is a film based on a well-known Mattel brand, it is not associated with “previously published material”. The film also featured completely original storywidely recognized as one of its best aspects.

It also seems that Ryan Gosling, who plays Ken, was officially nominated for the Best Supporting Actor category. Gosling was previously nominated twice in the Best Actor category. Half Nelson (2006)e La La Land (2016). Greta Gerwig, the first female director to direct a billion-dollar film, was previously nominated for best director and best original screenplay. Lady Bird (2017) and for Best Adapted Screenplay with Small woman (2019)

Barbie also makes a strong case for the best original song, as Warner Bros. may decide to include both load-bearing parts movie like Dance the night from Dua Lipa and became a cult I’m just Ken performed by Ryan Gosling himself.

In short, the film appears to have a few strings on its bow, but to find out if the Academy accepts the nominations put forward by Warner Bros., we’ll have to wait untilJanuary 11, 2024.

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