Barbie, here’s a behind the scenes video of Ryan Gosling singing “I’m Just Ken”

Barbie by far the most successful film of the summer, also thanks to the soundtrack, which brings together artists such as Dua Lipa, Lizzo, Charlie XCX and Nick Minaj (as well as a remix of the legendary barbie girl) – conquered the public and the charts. Among the many hits, he certainly attracted attention too. I’m just Kenor rather the musical moment that the main character sees Ryan Gosling and other Kenses in one of the highlights of the entire film. In film Greta GerwigIndeed, Gosling’s Ken returns to Barbie’s world to disrupt its idyllic dynamic (essentially introducing patriarchy) before a moment of realization arrives in which he performs a song and some rather complex choreography alongside co-stars such as Sim Liu AND Nkuti Gatwa.

One of I’m just Ken of course one of the hottest scenes in the movie, but also more surreal, in which battles on the beach intertwine to the sound of inflatable flamingos and tennis balls and coordinated dances in a pastel-colored metaphysical room. The creation of these moments is now shown in a video posted on the YouTube channel Atlantic Recordsrecord label that released the official soundtrack edited by Mark Ronson. In the clip, we see the filming of this apotheosis of Ken, in which Gosling and other actors not only juggle dance steps, but are also called into the studio to record their vocal parts. Let’s also see Slash from Guns N’ Roses delivering his signature guitar solo to make this musical interlude even more unique.

The climate on the set Barbie must have always been pretty funny, judging by these photos. We also see Ryan Gosling dedicate a solo I’m just Ken Greta Gerwig, who can’t help but take off her director’s headphones and burst into loud laughter. Along with the film’s box office success, I’m just Ken conquered the charts however, this time musical: thanks to this song, in fact, Gosling first appeared in Billboard Hot 100 – the main American hit parade – took 87th place, while the song went viral on TikTok and collected 5.2 million streams in the first week in the US alone. V good mix pop images, progressive ideals and social conversations, to success Barbie You also need to add the perfect soundtrack: Ken Doset.

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