Barbie, how does this ending affect the chances of a sequel?

Margot Robbie’s choice of the stereotypical Barbie towards the end of the film may offer new alternatives to the sequel, but which ones?

After what happened in the first movie Barbieif Mattel decides to continue continuation this may indicate a completely different purpose than what the public thought was possible. And it’s basically given final choice featuring the main character Margot Robbie. To date Greta Gerwig hasn’t confirmed an unmistakable Barbie sequel, but given the very early exciting results, it’s highly likely that it will. Mattel Films has also stated that they are interested in the Barbie universe.

How Barbie’s Ending Suggests a Different Sequel Idea

Mattel is already working on others 45 potential films taken from her favorite toys known all over the world, but is it possible to already include a continuation of Barbie among these titles? It is currently unknown, but it is possible that this is the case. Margot Robbie plays the protagonist Barbie from the first film, but introduced many versions of Mattel’s favorite glam doll and showed a colorful Barbie land that still has a lot to offer, as well as a collision with the real world. But what can we expect, given such an ending? Stereotypical Barbie Margot Robbie decided to become human after a major identity crisis. Convinced that she is no longer in her place and not knowing what to want from life, she then becomes Barbara Handlertransforms into a human and returns to the real world with Gloria (America Ferrera). The choice that occurred primarily after the meeting Ruth Handler, inventor of the Barbie.

Now, given her final choice, the Barbie sequel could show what happened to Barbara when she became human, having all her first tastes like tasting real food or actually driving a car. As Barbie shook Ruth’s hand, she sensed a little of what human life has to offer: lots of joys, but also lots of pain. She wanted Barbie to make an informed choice and the sequel could show her new adventure in the real world, but without forgetting Barbie Land. Or, to put it simply, the sequel could focus on one new doll and then point to the new lead actress. For example, it might finally include Gal Gadotrated as the first choice some time ago? Also, given the commitment and detail with which Barbie Land was created, it would be a shame not to delve deeper into this scenario in subsequent films, including spin-offs.

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