Barbie: how the Mattel universe can expand with a doll

Given the incredible reception given to Greta Gerwig’s film, we can expect a bright future for this franchise.

Barbie: how the Mattel universe can expand with a doll

Barbie this is a recent feature film by the director Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird, Francis Ha), by far the most moving and warming cinematic experience of the 2023 summer movie season, judging by the huge audience reception that brought the film a global gross of over $1 billion. Success on all fronts, exceeding all expectations (even if the producer and lead actress Margot Robbie he was right), and this marks an important milestone that Mattel and Warner Bros. will certainly not ignore. Although we already know for sure that at least 14 side projects are in development. Barbie which will therefore develop other Mattel IPs, so it is appropriate to wonder how this pastel universe will expand given the endless possibilities that Barbieland offers. Between continuation practically safe and possible spin off So on the horizon, it’s important to think about the different directions that could be taken, as well as consider synergies with other Mattel products.

Almost certainly a sequel

Barbie 7

Barbie: Margot Robbie in the scene

While no Barbie sequel has yet to be officially confirmed, it’s clear that a sequel is currently under consideration. second chapter feature film. Even Greta Gerwig herself, in unsuspecting times (hence, when the project had not yet crossed the one billion dollar mark), expressed a desire to create a Barbie cinematic universe, so now the appearance of Warner Bros. and Mattel is just a matter of time. deliver important news. As for history continuationthere are an infinite number of starting scenarios, the most likely of which is probably related to newfound life Stereotype Barbie (Margot Robbie) inside Mattel, finally able to more actively revolutionize society; but same development as new Barbielandwhich actually starts at the end of the first movie, could be a good starting point for the story.

Spin-offs about the inhabitants of Barbieland

Barbie 17

Barbie: Musical Moment from the Movie

Determined that continuation in fact it is the first step in building the universe on Barbiehow not to think about the possible spin off this may be implemented in the future. First of all, it is important to reflect on the fact that, as in many other franchise success, usually when building universes, two branches develop, the main one (in this case we could talk about Barbie 2 and further sequels) and spin-off (with various serial developments dependent on the central saga, but with an independent soul). Here, the characters we saw as part of the project could fit into any dedicated series, given that their characterization – at least as far as we’ve seen it in the movie – hasn’t been finalized yet. supporters like it Allan (who has the face of Michael Cera) o Weird Barbie (played by Kate McKinnon) are theoretically suitable for this purpose because they are still minor figures who have proven their worth in history.

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Is a separate project about Ken possible?

Barbie 13

Barbie: Ryan Goslin in character

Ken Ryan Gosling, on the other hand, deserves a completely different treatment given that he generally seems to be a fat protagonist who in some passages Barbie be in the spotlight even Margot Robbie with her charisma and development in the film. So a figure of this caliber needs space of his own without the interference of his love for the platinum blonde, and this fits perfectly with the final image that is given in the film, with Ken finally realizing his independence, starting with the slow process of emancipation. Another possibility, of course, weaker, is to keep inserting the character into Barbie’s presence, making him grow in parallel with her: a choice perhaps not very much in line with what we saw in the feature film, but which would allow production at home. to save money on stocks stand alone on a muscular character embodied Ryan Gosling.

Barbie movie, Ken’s explanation

Synergy of dolls and the cinematic universe of Barbie.

Barbie 18

Barbie: Kate McKinnon in a movie photo

After talking about various movie and TV series titles that could be developed in the world Barbie, there is another absolutely important element that should be emphasized, which may fade into the background in our discussion. We shouldn’t really forget that Barbie was born as a doll first and foremost. Mattel March 9, 1959 (we talked about this in our exploration of its origins) and that movies, cartoons, songs, and more have been made inspired by this pop culture icon. Having created Barbie Cinematic Universetherefore, the synergy between the audiovisual projects of this universe and the creation of special dolls will play an important role in order to increase the income from the dolls and, conversely, push the public to restore parts of this franchise. The first step in this direction has already been taken: Mattel announced the sale of a model referring to the character Kate McKinnon, which marked the first collaboration between these two commercial areas.

Mattelverse is still a great illusion

He-Man poster

He-Man poster

Finally, it is important to reserve the final rationale Mattelvers which, in fact, is another direct consequence of the success Barbie. Mighty company toys were, in fact, strategically waiting to see the reception that the public and critics would have for Gerwig’s film before proceeding with the development of the Mattelverse. And here we are: 14 projects in development, including He’s a man, Polly Pocket, hot wheels and much more, 45 titles in total, even if we count those that are only drafts. This universe will be a bigger and more ambitious testing ground, but it’s likely that the Barbie Cinematic Universe will once again have to take its first steps to give the final green light to this project. In other words, while individual Mattel-related projects will in any case be developed to move forward with more interaction and connection between products, a strong signal is needed to kick-start this commercial machine.

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