Barbie in streaming, TV release date: where and when to watch the movie event of the year

When Barbie hits streaming: The release date for the successful film on digital platforms has been revealed in the past few days.

“Barbie” continues to bring love to the public, who go to the movies with curiosity to know the story. Ever since it came out grossed over a billion dollars, apparently summing up the revenues of all the countries where it was broadcast. Nothing else has been talked about for weeks now, and the two main characters, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, are wrapped in a completely positive turmoil that they may not even have been expecting.

The credit for the film’s success belongs to director Greta Gerving, who was able to give new life to an old masterpiece and the entire cast. Not only were the main characters boldly portrayed and managed to transport the viewer into the story, but everyone involved in the film became the main characters. It is one of the most watched films of all time today, and also one of the most talked about. More than a month has passed since the release date and apparently shortly before its release on digital platforms.

Barbie comes to streaming: when the film will be released on digital platforms

On July 20, 2023, Barbie hit theaters for the first time and took the world by storm in no time. In just one day, his story intrigued audiences and reached everyone’s lips, prompting those who hadn’t seen it to rush to theaters. The story’s success is evidenced by collections that have exceeded one billion dollars worldwide to date. But apparently soon the film may also appear on digital platforms.

When Barbie will appear on digital platforms (Photo by Ansa)

According to Variety Barbie will finally be available to everyone starting September 5 next year. Therefore, it seems that his release is not far off, even if some sources talk about his arrival on Max in the fall. However, there is no official confirmation at this time. In fact, the film has been in theaters for just over a month, and for this reason, it may take longer to stream it.

The fact is that the popularity gained by the film meant that the earnings of the actors increased day by day. Especially for the protagonist – again, according to what Variety reported – there is talk of an exorbitant fee. Really, Margot Robbie received over $50 million and this figure should still grow, given that the latest data clearly show that the public has not ceased to be interested in his story.

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