Barbie mania infects Siena: Thousands lined up, but only 600 made it through

Everyone is crazy about Barbie, but in Siena only six hundred out of a thousand succeeded. It was sold out for the premiere of the cult film of the summer at the Fortress, which caused a big disappointment for those who stood in line for more than half an hour to then go home. The line reached the Tribunal (pictured).

I am a Barbie girl, in the world of Barbie, ”Aqua quoted the words of the famous song back in 1997. Barbie World infects Siena. The audience of Greta Gerving’s film was divided into enthusiasts and critics. Meanwhile, the halls are always full, and the same thing happened in Siena. In the film by Greta Gerwig (already an established author of such films as Lady Bird and Little Women), Margot Robbie plays the iconic Mattel doll, born in the sixties. She was joined in the film by a very wealthy and “cool” cast, which included Ryan Gosling (as a very sour Ken), America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon, Will Ferrell, Helen Mirren and pop star Dua Lipa. A success that can be seen in the clothes even in the queue at the entrance to the cinema in Fortezza, among the chosen image is very pink and fuchsia.

But not everyone was able to enjoy the spectacle, you will have to wait a little longer and choose another cinema, because tonight in Siena was an opportunity not to be missed. At this point in your diary there will be no other date to note.

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