Barbie: Margot Robbie, the “doll” who turned out to be the exact opposite

A doll at first glance, in her career Margot Robbie showed herself exactly the opposite, a woman who owns her own destiny, who knows how to choose the right scripts and become a producer in the case of particularly noteworthy projects.

Barbie: Margot Robbie, the

Finally, Margot Robbie Barbie has always been like this. Let’s explain better. It was in terms of image: tall, fair-haired, with blue eyes and a charming smile. If in the new movie Barbie Greta Gerwig (editor’s opinion here) her role is exactly that of the Barbie Stereotype, in the sense that she embodies exactly what has always been the prototype of Barbie, even her character The wolf of Wall Street maybe Barbie. Yes, Margot Robbie could very well be the Barbie of Wall Street or Barbie Party in New York, as she looked in the perfect eighties color scheme and the right outfit for any occasion.

The Wolf of Wall Street: Margot Robbie in a serious movie moment

The Wolf of Wall Street: Margot Robbie in a serious movie moment

The blue dress of her pool party appearance (Barbie’s Pool could also be the name…) or the famous pink dress of the scene she refuses to Leonardo DiCaprio. And then there’s the first date scene where she strips naked for her new lover. Do you remember what the song said barbie girl? “You can undress me everywhere“. And the peculiarity of Barbie is that they can be undressed. A doll at first sight, in its own way career Margot Robbie turned out to be just the opposite, a woman who owns her destiny, who knows how to choose the right scripts and become a producer in case of especially noteworthy projects.

Designed for more important things

barbie 1

Barbie: Margot Robbie in the first photo of the film

And the Barbie that Margot Robbie plays in Barbie is just that. A character who has everything to be considered a doll (and she is, living in Barbie Country, in the game world), but who has other thoughts. Having known the world, he discovers that there is something more. And she returns to her role, but realizing that she has more important things to do. To being a woman, to motherhood, in the case of the heroine of the film. To be a female subject, the mistress of her own destiny, a producer, in the case of Margot Robbie.

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Tonya: Frustrated Barbie on Ice

Tonya: Margot Robbie in a still from the movie

Tonya: Margot Robbie in a still from the movie

There are moments in the film when Barbie is not what you expect her to be, always beautiful, smiling and ready to spend evenings with friends. Those blue eyes that we saw shining are now shining with tears, clouded with sadness. The mouth is down. After returning from the real world, Barbie believes that she is not good enough, not beautiful enough and perfect enough to be a Stereotypical Barbie. Here, in one of the best moments of her career, Margot Robbie consciously chose not to be beautiful. Tonya Harding, the character she chose to draw and play in the grotesque and tense Tone, is a provincial girl, ugly and inelegant, narrow-minded and perhaps even stupid. The opposite of what we’ve seen Margot Robbie up to this point, and the opposite of what you would expect to find in Barbie Country. Except Weird Barbie. Tonya Margot Robbie could be Barbie White Trash or even, given the theme, Barbie Disillusionment on Ice. But the important thing is that Margot Robbie chose to play the loser, desperate. One that could only give faces to seductive characters.

Margot Robbie decided she wasn’t just a sex symbol

Barbie 2

Barbie: Margot Robbie in a still from the movie

Trying to get rid of the beauty, glitz and glamour, which Margot Robbie has decided to give a different color to her career as an actress, is, in fact, what her Barbie does. You probably know the scene – the one where she says that she’s not up to it – where she is without makeup, soap and water and just crying. Even her Barbie, though she fears she isn’t pretty enough, ultimately decides not to be perfect, deliberately losing some of her beauty. Because he already knows that one day in the real world he will have cellulite. But it will be free. Just like Margot Robbie is free from the moment she decided to be not only a sex symbol, but also a thinking head, an actress capable of taking her own career into her own hands. Own Tonya is a symbolic operation in Margot Robbie’s career: choosing a strong story, wanting to create it, finding the right director to give the story the right tone. The choice to portray your face, your face, in the image of a negative character.

Harley Quinn: Suicide Squad Barbie

Suicide Squad: Margot Robbie in the first movie trailer

Suicide Squad: Margot Robbie in the first movie trailer

But Tonya is just one of the many Weird Barbies that Margot Robbie has portrayed in her career. After all, perhaps, it is she who is most similar to Barbie Strumba (and memes on social networks are already talking about this). harley quinn, a heroine, but at the same time a crazy and unpredictable villain. That’s right: blond hair in a ridiculous hairstyle, a face covered in thick make-up of an incredible color. Harley Quinn, the love of the Joker, looks just like a doll that some little girl tortured with cutting and styling her hair in her own way and coloring with felt-tip pens, makeup and any paints. Harley Quinn is another character that Margot Robbie hid her beauty with. It could be her Barbie Suicide Squad or Barbie Madness.

Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood: Summer of Love Barbie

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood: Margot Robbie in the frame from the teaser trailer

And then there is Barbie Hollywood, or Barbie of the Sixties, or Barbie Summer of Love, that is, Sharon Tate from Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It also looks like a doll, especially since – and this caused controversy – she hardly utters a word. But here, too, Margot Robbie, who plays Sharon Tate, plays a symbolic role. It’s beauty that can be saved, it’s a movie that can change history, it’s perfection that chooses imperfection, it’s like going to the cinema and watching a movie with bare feet, maybe a little dirty, but real. It is the courage to confront the myth of Sharon Tate (kind of like resisting the Barbie stereotype and living up to it) and a writer like Quentin Tarantino.

Barbie: Greta Gerwig, Mattel and the (Nearly) Impossible Mission

Babylon: Barbie in the Roaring Twenties

Babylon 2 Bugnat

Babylon: Margot Robbie in a still from the movie

Finally, it is courageous to be the protagonist of a film by Damien Chazelle, an author for whom fatigue, effort, the desire to reach the top is everything. The main character of “Babylon” could be a Barbie of the twenties, a Barbie of the turbulent years, or a Barbie star of the Silent Age. And she is also an example of the character we want to tell you about. She is a doll that could stay that way, but she doesn’t: on the set she really plays brilliantly, knows how to cry on command, goes on stage, eliminates rivals, improves her body with the right tricks. Nelly LaRoy, a name that means “in French”king“, she says that she does not want to become a movie “star”: she is already a star, the world just needs to know. All these examples tell us exactly what we told you at the beginning. Like her Barbie from the movie, Margot Robbie seemed like a doll to us, but it turned out quite the opposite. And even the choice to be in one of the films of the year, a film that makes such an important discourse on the feminine, is a sign of an extraordinary mind.

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