Barbie, Michael Cera’s agent, initially turned down the role of Allan.

Michael Cera plays Allan in Barbie, but admitted that his agent initially turned down the role without consulting him.

Barbie attracted a respectable cast, which helped make the action movie even more enticing in the eyes of the public. Which led Margot Robbiebreaking one record after another on the big screen are also credited Greta Gerwig, the director who bet on the winning horses. For example, he said that he immediately understood what he wanted Ryan Gosling as Ken’s interpreter and look after the actor to achieve the goal. Gosling, for his part, admitted to his initial resistance, but discovered his Ken-ergy on set, thanks in part to co-star Margot Robbie. And between the Barbies who inhabit Barbieland and the Kens who live as doll accessories, we find something in between Allan. One of a kind character depicted in live action Michael Cera. However, the actor was in danger of losing the role in question to his agent.

Barbie, Michael Cera almost lost Allan to his agent

There are countless Barbies and Kens in Barbieland, but there is only one Allan, and Michael Cera has been given the task. And not without shock. The actor said that at first his agent she turned down the role without consulting him first. So, since Michael Cera was interested in Barbie, he had to take matters into his own hands and come forward, clearing up the misunderstanding. In an interview with GQexplained how she landed the role in Barbie:

It was a last minute casting. My manager got a call to check my availability. He called me and said, “I got a call about this film. This is a Barbie movie. It is being directed by Greta Gerwig and filming will take place in London over the course of four months or so. So I told them that you probably don’t want to do that, because maybe you don’t want to go to London.” I replied something like: “What?! What do you mean? Call them back.” He doesn’t like to back down, he told me, “I already lowered my expectations by saying that you could refuse.” So I said, “How could I not? I have to do it’. So somehow I got Greta’s email address, I think through a mutual friend of ours, and wrote to her.

Michael Cera says Greta Gerwig was immediately connected by asking him to speak via Zoom. “We talked about it, and from that moment everything happened very quickly.“, added the actor.

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