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big hype around movie barbie He is also the son of intelligent and widespread use of social networks and Instagram in particular.

film directed by Greta Gerwig It will be released in Italy on July 20 – a day before its release in the United States and other countries – but it has been talked about for months, as the first trailer was released on the net in April, followed by Mimes became very popular. interactive. Thanks to the Barbie Selfie Generator app and website, you can add a motto of your choice from the ones in the app to your own photo within a full-pink and fluorescent color background and thus create your own selfie with glitter. Create a Barbie-themed avatar of. Stickers featuring characters.

trailer of barbie created a mass madness from Margot Robbie (who plays Barbie) who with a brilliant intuition kicks off the heels with her pleasant wink to Ryan Gosling (Kane) and Barbie Sirena played by Dua Lipa.

But the premise of the film, which can be seen at least from some of the images released, points to the iconic world created by Mattel as well as the societal condemnation (the film itself was directed by Gerwig and her husband Noah Baumbach. New York’s liberal intellectuals), a massive marketing campaign was created. It’s basically based on a coherent warm-up, a very strong theme around diversity and inclusivity and above all, a great deal of suspense surrounding the plot, hence the release date for all the journalists and creators invited to the various premieres Restriction till. But above all, Warner has managed to make Barbie the most powerful influencer of all time in recent months. So here is a series of co-marketing operations between real and virtual with Airbnb where you can rent the Malibu Dreamhouse, any kind of capsule collection in pure barbicore style, i.e. all by brands like Shocking Pink, GAP or Forever 21. Can

Aqua’s hit “Barbie Girl” was remixed by Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice and became “Barbie World”, a video with 12 million views within a few days, but became “Barbie Dreamhouse”, a famous television format on the HGTV network house challenges. Went. Challenge”: The show will be divided into four parts in which protagonist Ashley Graham will host the channel’s all-star personalities to transform an ordinary house into a “Barbie House”. Special product lines created by Mattel to support the film. Not to mention, four dolls depicting Robbie with various costumes from the film have already sold out.

Ultimately, it’s interesting to see how many Instagram pages built around the film: In addition to Barbie and BarbieMovie, there is also BarbieStyle, which focuses on looks between toys and movies, which has more followers (2.5 million) than the two official pages.

In short, a pink avalanche is about to attack us.


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