Barbie paints herself pink (also) YouTube

Barbie is back in the spotlight with the highly anticipated film of the same name. Movie success that’s also dwindling on YouTube: in ItalyFrom the beginning of April to July 31, 2023, online interest in Barbie on YouTube increased by 89% compared to the previous period (December ’22 – March ’23).

The phenomenon has brought the “Barbie Girl” back into the spotlight.the single released by Aqua in 1997 propelled it to number 6 in the world’s most watched music videos, while its remake by Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice – Barbie World (with Aqua) reached number 18 in the same ranking (data as of August 8, 2023).

You can learn a lot from a Barbie movie: Fabio Santoro, who is responsible for sharing news and curiosities (namely …) about movies, TV shows and the surrounding area, is convinced of this. And Barbie dedicates several detailed shorts to the film, talking about the day Ryan Gosling inadvertently eclipsed Margot Robbie, the explosion at Oppenheimer during a Barbie screening, or how the film was banned in Vietnam for geopolitical reasons. While for the most passionate film critics, Violetta Rocks chose a long video to talk about how Barbie rewrites the history of cinema.: from the camp cut of the film to the manner in which its main characters act, from the seriousness of the topics treated in a useful way, to the collaboration of director Greta Gerwig with her life and professional partner, with whom she co-produced the film. , and much more.

Then there’s the real Barbie trend, which in Italy finds a new sprint on YouTube: several creators took inspiration from director Greta Gerwig’s narrative approach to become protagonists or protagonists of their own, personal Barbie films. Examples of this are Eleanor Olivieri’s video sequence (recently in episode 3), Ninna and Matty’s shorts, and the ironic Cartoni Morty, Barbie and Ken (warrior) crossover, Valentina Olivieri’s double interview.

And then beauty and fashionFrom the Grace on your Dash glamor makeup tutorial to Deborah Fulli’s Barbie contouring, from Gianmarco Zagato’s film premiere outfits to Lanatema themed creations, AriannaMakeup’s Barbie vs Brats contest and more. Not to mention those who are not afraid of pink pollution in the kitchen, even in Shorts format: and then try 2foodfitlovers Barbie-chard pasta or Griesel Tan Dulce cake.

(Source: YouTube search on Google Trends).

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