Barbie ponytail, summer’s most glamorous bun high tail

On the occasion of the impending arrival in theaters of Greta Gerwig’s live-action film, the obsession with all things that orbits in the Barbie universe, descends into the beauty universe as well. And after the triumph of pink in makeup and fashion, the barbiecore trend also includes hairstyles. Reintroduced as the iconic Mattel doll by Margot Robbie, the Barbie ponytail has returned to the scene and has been confirmed as the most glamorous hairstyle of the summer, favored by stars such as Paris Hilton, Ariana Grande and Lizzo .

As her nickname suggests, the Barbie ponytail is inspired by the hairstyles of Barbie and features a classic ponytail, which is high and gorgeous, keeping the front bun free, which is swept to the side. It’s a pop and timeless hairstyle, but it’s essentially a hairstyle reminiscent of the 50s and 60s, made with soft waves, curling irons, and pomade. When she’s not opting for open hair, bows, and headbands, Margot Robbie takes the world around the world sporting a Barbie ponytail on the pink carpet at the premiere of the long-awaited film.

For example, in June, the Australian actress opted for a ponytail and replicated Barbie’s iconic look with a striped bodysuit by wearing a custom Hervé Leger dress. Then she also took the hairstyle to the Australian beach of Bondi Beach, combining a dress with a retro strawberry. Like her, Hannah Godwin chose the same hairstyle during the Los Angeles premiere, while Lizzo sported a Barbie ponytail at the premiere of her series “Watch Out for the Big Grrls,” which featured a full pink look by Valentino.

But among Barbie ponytail lovers there is also Ariana Grande, who has practically always had this hairstyle, to the extent that it has become a distinctive feature of her style and personality.

When it comes to Barbie, it is impossible not to mention Paris Hilton, who loves to collect her majestic blonde hair in very high ponytails, decorated with elastic bands with bows and rhinestones. In short, you’ll need to arm yourself with a comb, gel, hairspray and curling iron to get the perfect waves, or opt for classic curlers if you want to get the metal doll look.

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