Barbie-style houses from England to Liguria: these 5 beautiful and for sale

The Barbie phenomenon has become so viral that everyone is looking for homes that resemble her style: here are 5 for sale

On July 20, the film was screened in Greta Gerwig, Barbie, it was an unprecedented success, and, frankly, somewhat unexpected. Not only because of the plot and subtext that the film conveyed to a wide audience, but also because since the release of the film “Barbie Mania” spread like wildfire.

Girls of all ages instantly dressed in stylish pink dresses and accessories. Barbie, but that’s not all: even the most popular houses of the moment are all pink, and there is no future owner who is not looking for one of these fabulous style houses. Indeed, the Barbie house, faithfully reproduced in the film by Greta Gerwig and interpreted Margot Robbie (Barbie) and Ryan Gosling (Ken), is a perfect concentrate of pink inside and out, from walls to furniture, from furniture to appliances. And many houses are currently up for sale, from England V Liguria, They’re not even specifically for sale.

50 Shades of…Pink for a Barbie Home

In a green English countryside, a real manor shell pink which also has a heliport in its vast area. Offered for sale for £1.75 million, this delightful country retreat consists of a 6 bedroom estate, complete annex, helipad, two swimming pools and a water garden. Back in England, close to my birthplace Agatha ChristieThis Rose Cottagesurrounded by 1.44 acres of land, three garages, garden studio.

The house is about 200 years old and is on sale for £965,000 thanks in part to the beauty of the interiors, with beamed ceilings, a half-floor library and 3 bedrooms on the top floor.

Everyone is crazy about Barbie house

Barbie Mania: From Dolls to the Big Screen

Let’s move on to Majorca, in Spain, to be exact Puerto Andratx: Here is a Moroccan-style villa with a basement, basement and upper floors. The house, obviously all pink, is located on a hill overlooking Cala Marmassen, it has a bar counter and a dining area with a stained-glass ceiling. The terraced garden also includes an infinity pool and barbecue area, as well as direct access to the sea. The asking price is 13 million 786 500 euros.

And you arrive in Italy, on the shore of the lake garda near Desenzano, for this 780 square meter property which also has a private beach. The newly renovated villa has three floors above ground and a basement. This villa features a large marble staircase leading to the first floor, as well as a panoramic terrace of 54 square meters located on the second floor. The purchase of a villa requires 10 million euros.

And the review is completed by villa a Camogli, V Monte di Portofino Natural Park, recently renovated, with a swimming pool, a park with a rose garden and Mediterranean shrubs. The villa is up for sale for £4,188,725.

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