Barbie, the iconic Barbie Girl remixed by Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice will also be in the film!

Barbie fans can breathe a sigh of relief: Aqua’s iconic Barbie girl will also be featured in the film in a new version remixed by Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice!

,I am a barbie girl in barbie world. Life in plastic, it’s wonderful…“If you read it singing, well, you’ll wait for it barbieUpcoming film written and directed by greta gerwig and the first live-action adaptation on the famous Mattel doll. and you’ve probably heard the iconic by now Barbie GirlA song by Aqua, a Danish group that went out of the population in the 90s thanks to this piece.

The iconic barbie girl will be in the barbie movie in the remix version!

Initially, fans wondered if the song would be included on the film’s soundtrack, but they were left disappointed when the group announced the film at a press conference last year. revealed that his 1997 hit film will not appear, However, since the soundtrack is one of the fundamental components of the film, the director greta gerwig At first, at her insistence, he intended to find a way to get her into the film. margot robbieInterpreter of the protagonist, and the rest of the cast.

The same Robbiein an interview with Rolling stoneshe revealed that she begged gerwig to find a way Barbie Girl In the movie:

“I said ‘Greta, how do we put the song in? We can’t make a Barbie movie without Aqua’s Barbie girl. It has to be there.’ Who’s going to do a remix of the song? Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice!’. I asked him if he was serious: ‘Together? Are you kidding?’. I knew immediately that all my friends were losing their minds. will lose.”

there are two rap queens like me nikki Minaj And ice masalaTogether, on duets and raps Barbie Girl Definitely one of the correct options, the other one too mark ronsonMusic producer and songwriter, winner of 7 Grammys and an Academy Award and film score supervisor. ronsonIn fact, together with his collaborator Andrew Wyatt, he decided to put out songs reminiscent of the disco music period, such as original songs written by dua lipa – Barbie Mermaid in the movie – dance the night away – and create a playlist that is supported gerwigand that includes a piece, pinkwritten by lizzoJoe – second Robbie ,It perfectly describes what Barbie is experiencing on screen. Lizzo’s lyrics are very funny and there is an extra dash of comedy that I thought was very real.”

Meanwhile, the official video clip of a few days back has surfaced. barbieworld, a remixed version of Aqua’s iconic track, which you can check out below. Meanwhile, for barbie We owe you an appointment on July 20 to dive into the world of pink, glamorous and glitter in the company of the most famous dolls of all time.

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