Barbie, the world of marketing has gone pink

The wait is almost over, the time has come, cinema halls across the globe will soon be filled with pink hues and gleaming visuals. And marketing has already adapted.

Not in cinemas yet but already made Sure,NearThe case of the movie “Barbie” is incredible marketing history Totally successful.

from the announcement of margot robbie And Ryan Gosling As Barbie and Ken lead up to the first launch Taser, steal shots and sing along on set official albumwe are facing a real barbie-mania Which made pop culture pink.

the world is out of pink

barbie It’s certainly nothing new to manufacture customized products, but it would be fair to say that for the launch of a film, Le expectations They have crossed all limits, an amount of CooperationThe clothes and accessories designed for the occasion are classy to say the least Incredible,

And what better way to immerse yourself in the world of Barbie redesign wardrobe And own home Like the famous doll?

Difference, aldo And forever 21 Collection is launched special Edition Suitable for a true “Barbie addict”, all complete with bright colors to the lines Makeup by NYX cosmetics and OPI Ext.

To define the look, Claire’s Accessories, an amazing set of skates impala skate and a suitcase twenty journeys

A dream houseI’ve never seen this and like the articles of bumpy, homesick, Python glassware, moon oral beauty And funboy complement the environment with “Come on Barbie, let’s party.”

now life is a barbie show

,I want everyone to feel like they can reach up to the screen and touch everything“It is with these words Greta gerwigdirector of the film, A Barbie Dreamhouse Video Tour To Architectural Digest, he described his willingness to give public chances of keep in touch With Barbie world, make it concrete, tangible and wearable by each of us.

It was unbelievable that drove fans around the world crazy Cooperation between film and Airbnb, Booking will be possible in Malibu from 17 July 2023 The whole villa is based on barbie theme on 21 and 22 July, coinciding with the release of the film.

and for video gaming, he thinks about it xbox, In addition to the crossover between forza horizon 5 and barbie Which lets players rent Barbie’s 1956 pink Chevrolet Corvette EV and Ken’s 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickup online. Microsoft decided to celebrate the release of the film with limited edition xbox series s,

the design? obviously in style “Dream House” In the unmistakable pink color symbol of Mattel Toys. it will be produced One sample of special xbox series s Which enthusiasts will be able to try to win on Monday, July 10, 2023.

“I’m a Barbie Girl”

In this collection of extraordinary collaborations, this can only be the single “Barbie World”The Teen Soundtrack of the ’90s, Today in a Revamped Key remix realized by Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice,

video arrived a few days ago 12 million views On YouTube, the protagonists are two singers who have been filmed floating among clouds of cotton candy and dancing inside Barbie’s dreamhouse.

In this pink world, there is no shortage of sponsorships, in fact they are featured during the video olipop soda cans and a series of billboards M1 Finance.

No one could miss this endless series of activations for the launch of the movie “Barbie”. artificial intelligence and for this occasion, oh debuted with series of posters in front of one of the characters in the film shiny background The metal is reminiscent of the shape of the logo.

Play? The generator is capable of placing users’ photos on the same background from which they can customize the tagline “This barbie is a ____”.

it’s all a barbie show

The parent company of the company takes over the sector wb pictures, Warner Bros. in May Search introduced the trailer of barbie dreamhouse challenge by HGTV.

The opening is going to be on July 16, lo Show will be divided into four parts in which the hero Ashley Graham will host all the star cast of the channel to change a simple house in one “Barbie House”,

the series ends with Victoryby a spectator, a magical trip inside the house.

@giorginadee Barbie’s house on Airbnb😍 #barbie #airbnbbarbie #airbnbfinds #airbnb #mattel #malibubarbie ♬ Cartoon-Style Piano Solo Jazz(853970) – MotoFuji

fans are in VisibleBetween the possibility offered by AirBnb and HGTV’s new home, take hopes To live An Experience in “Barbie World” They are infinite.

New Mattel Collection and Barbie Mania

Yon Kreuz, Chief Executive Officer of Metel Brain And this Signature Behind the Film and AI toys Branded Barbie. Having joined the company in 2018, he has found himself managing a difficult financial situation over the years. But as soon as the release of the film is announced in 2021 barbie brand returns to growth reaching a selling price of $1.7 billion.

on the occasion of the release of the film Mattel made one barbie official line Dolls will be available to represent all the heroes OnlineAlso on Mattel and Amazon website the shelves of known series Walmart.

Needless to say, the movie hasn’t released yet and three of the four dolls that play Robbie in various outfits in the movie have already been sold.

so far we are finished big day Coming, let’s get ready for one pink storm It will overwhelm all the media. Good luck Barbie!

See you again soon!

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