Barca already considering new US tour

he fc barcelona He is already preparing for the next preseason game and has the idea of ​​returning to the game USAalthough this will be a highly conditional trip, since german euro cup and celebrate paris olympics. It will be an even more intense pre-season than the current one, and there is also a very busy international schedule which will affect club operations.

One of the conclusions of the 2023 tour is the fact that the nine-day stay at a fixed venue, angels In this case, one day one-way play a game that was not played in the end, let the team Harvey Work is much better despite last week’s outbreak of viral gastroenteritis.

therefore, barcelona An attempt will be made to organize summer tours of shorter duration and with as few itineraries as possible, according to the international calendar.

They have already started researching possible venues and approaching sponsors and organizers, although the draft of the project is still in its infancy.It is clear that the club wants to return to USAthe current priority football market, especially considering the World Cup 2026 and new 2025 Club World Cup,in barcelona He will try to earn a spot on the basis of his performance this season.

Currently, he doesn’t have a guaranteed spot, unlike Chelsea, real Madrid and manchester city, Intercontinental Champions in 2021, 2022 and 2023. One for 2024 and the best eight others in the UEFA rankings will be added, but no more than two players from the same country unless they have won the Champions League.

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