Barlassina greets the Archbishop at the 90th anniversary of the Church of San Giulio

A short procession followed by a mass celebrated by Monsignor Mario Delpini.

Archbishop Mario Delpini officiated Mass in Barlassina on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the consecration of the parish church of San Giulio after the restoration of 1933 and the 120th anniversary of oratory.

“Union and Prayer to Face the Bad Days”

On the morning of Sunday, August 27, a small procession brought the Archbishop and the faithful from BC Barlassina to the church of San Giulio, passing through the chapel. Monsignor Delpini was accompanied by the parish priest, Don Giovanni Rigamonti, and Don Roberto Spraafico, who will replace him from 10 September. Inspired by the readings, the archbishop addressed the faithful as follows:

“Readings made us realize that there are bad days. There were bad days for Jesus too, with his opponents who tended to test him to condemn him. Opponents who use religion as a political line. your own thoughts. Today there are places where Christians cannot practice their faith in public, they are silenced and discriminated against. We Christians gathered here must not allow ourselves to be afraid. We ask ourselves how we can resist, and in this sense there are two fundamental words that are also spoken in the readings: community and prayer. The Christian life is not for single people, it is a life to be lived together. And then there is prayer. Perhaps our congregations pray too little. At this church, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary, we understand that bad days can come and it will take community and prayer to stand up.”

Many authorities represent

Mayor Piermario Galli attended the celebration, along with the Council, members of the majority and minority council, and representatives of associations from Auser to Pro Loco, San Vincenzo to Oasi Due and Civil Protection. So, Delpini before the last blessing:

“I especially thank everyone who made this celebration possible, from Don Giovanni to Don Roberto, from the choir to the sacristy volunteers. I accompany Don Juan with my blessing in this painful transition and thank him for his attention and availability. …I thank Don Roberto for being a guide to a community rich in history.”

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