Bart the Bear II, the bear that appeared in movies and series, dies

(CNN) – Bart the Bear II, a famous grizzly bear who had appeared in countless movies and television series such as “We Bought a Zoo” and “Game of Thrones,” has died, according to his family, Lynne and Doug Seus.

In a post in The Vital Ground Foundation, which was co-founded by Seus, he said that they are “eternally honored and grateful to have shared our lives with this noble brown bear.”

Vital Ground works primarily in the Rocky Mountains to conserve land for grizzly bears and other wildlife, its website says.

In 2000, Bart was orphaned in Alaska with his sister Honey Bump after their mother was killed by a hunter, Vital Ground said. They took him to Utah, where he lived his life as a 200-pound bear and became an ambassador for The Vital Ground Foundation.

Appeared in many movies and series, including Dr. Dolittle 2, An Unfinished Life, Into the West, Evan Almighty, Have You Heard of the Morgans ?, Without a Paddle, Zookeeper, Pete’s Dragon, We Bought a Zoo, Into the Wild, The Grizzly Maze and ‘Game of Thrones’, as well as many other television shows and commercials, ”said Vital Ground.

Bart died “quietly and naturally” on the banks of Daniel Creek in Utah earlier this week. He is survived by his sister Honey Bump and many at the foundation who loved him, says his obituary.

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