Bash: Korean Skin Secrets

If you’re a fan of Korean beauty routines, here’s a new viral hack: Whack. The trend involves applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the face to prevent moisture loss and leave skin bright and juicy. However, you should be careful as it is not suitable for acne-prone skin. The technique, which originated with a South Korean beauty, has become popular on networks such as TikTok.

For a “thump,” apply petroleum jelly to your face for a shiny layer. This is meant to deeply hydrate the skin overnight, but it is not recommended for all skin types, especially if you are acne-prone.


  • Promotes ingredient penetration and seals previous assets in the care routine.
  • Keeps skin hydrated and strengthens the skin barrier.


  • It can make acne worse.
  • May interfere with strong active ingredients in other products.
  • Not suitable for areas with infections or skin diseases.

How to do it

  • Cleanse your face and apply a restorative serum like hyaluronic acid.
  • Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly.
  • Wait 30 minutes before bed.
  • Wash your face in the morning and continue with your daily routine.

Dermatologist’s Recommendation

Remember that pounding shouldn’t be part of your routine, it’s important to respect your skin’s needs. If petroleum jelly doesn’t work for you, you may consider alternatives such as natural oils. Always remember to consult a professional before trying a new skincare technique.

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