Batgirl, an insider hasn’t resigned yet and insists ‘the movie was good’

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bat girl Perhaps representing a unique case within the genre of cine comics, the fact that the film starring Leslie Grace did not even reach theaters canceled any possibility that anyone could see it.

Contradictory as one of the best elements of the film glitterand Michael Keaton’s return appearance as Batman, because the character was originally supposed to return to the scene. bat girl,

Although this, as well as other interesting factors that began to swirl around the film, Brutally canceled by Warner Bros.Who decided to stop distribution of the project a while back, thus making the sweat and effort of a whole bunch of people go in vain.

Currently, the general opinion is sticking to one idea behind the reasons that pushed the parent company to such a drastic decision.a terrible movieComing badly, which he must not have liked.

in spite of everything, there are some people who just don’t give up, On Twitter, insider @ViewerAnon has indeed intervened, acknowledging that he refuses to remain silent on the matter, insisting thatwas a movieGood,, after attending a special screening last year. Below you can find the post.

Obviously, as rumors and opinions spread across the web today, There is no way to know how reliable it is or not That’s opinion, plus the fact that we’ll probably never know.

By the way, did you know that Will Smith encouraged the director of Batgirl? unfortunately at the momentWe just have to rely on what Brendan Fraser thinks of his Firefly, which we’ll have no way of knowing.


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