‘Batman 2’ fans want Grant Gustin to reprise his role as The Flash in a movie

Grant Gustin wasn’t in The Flash, but fans haven’t lost hope and want to see him alongside Robert Pattinson in Batman 2.

Miss Grant Gustin from the movie Flash With Ezra Miller in the eyes of the fans, it was an unforgivable mistake. Especially since there was an opportunity and space in the DC movie to use another version of the Flash from another universe, and they chose not to use it. According to director Andy MuschiettiThe film had to turn down several cameos, including one from Grant Gustin. However, fans aren’t entirely sure it was the right choice, but they already have a back-up plan. What if his Barry Allen appeared on the big screen, but next to Batman From Robert Pattison?

What if Grant Gustin played the Flash in Batman 2?

The DC Universe is constantly changing thanks to a new president. James Gunn and Peter Safran announced that they have a busy entertainment schedule for the next ten years, starting with the selection of new faces for their favorite superheroes. What will happen to Barry Allen? After The Flash’s release, it’s unclear whether studios will delve into Barry Allen’s presence in other films or get a sequel. Just as it’s unclear if Ezra Miller will continue to wear the speedster costume. While waiting to find out more, fans have already suggested Grant Gustin as a possible Flash in the Batman sequel. Despite the changes made by James Gunn, it looks like the Batman sequel won’t change and Robert Pattinson will be able to continue playing it.

Grant Gustin has been playing the Scarlet Speedster for many years. in the Arrow universehost of nine seasons Flash on The CW and allowing some crosstalk in others Series How arrow AND Super Girl. However, in the ninth season, Grant Gustin dropped the scarlet suit. Fans aren’t ready to say goodbye yet, so they asked through X to include the actor and his iconic character in the series. batman 2, which should hit theaters in 2025. But is it really possible? Given the factor of the Multiverse, this is possible. Finally, in The Flash multiverse was heavily factored into the plot, so many felt that Grant Gustin deserved a cameo in the film.

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