Batman fans decide with unanimous result who would win a fight between Keaton, Bale and Affleck

The debate over who is the best Batman in a head-to-head fight is decided by Reddit users

the older and wiser batman Michael Keaton May face the dark nights of ben affleck Or Christian Bale and win? The debate continues among Batman fans reddit, While each iteration of the DC hero has its fans, it seems like the verdict on who would win if the three Batmen ever did face each other is unanimous.

glitter Through the return of Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton in their respective costumes, the character has given fans many Batman moments, and even a by last minute cameo George Clooney as Bruce Wayne, This immediately raised the question of who would be the winner in a hypothetical three-way match, and Looks Like Ben Affleck’s Experience, Skill And Technique Will Make Him A Winner,

Of course, there is very little chance of this happening on screen, meaning that whatever the opinion, it will never be proven right or wrong. what would have been the result if they had joined Robert Pattinson, Val Kilmer And who will be the new Batman will no doubt be discussed later.

Ben Affleck’s Batman Becomes Fan Favorite After Bad Start

Ben Affleck, you recognize the movie from his Batman character

The arrival of a new Batman is always something that sparks a wave of debate and confrontation among fans. When Ben Affleck wore the Batman suit for the first time batman vs supermanThe initial announcement was accepted as such, and the film hasn’t completely fleshed out those ideas. However, over time, Many people have grown fond of “Batfleck”, to the point that they are deeply disappointed that his solo film will never be made.

Of course, the debate over who is the best Dark Knight will never be completely settled, and the order of the roster will undoubtedly change once more in a few years when a new star joins the roster as part of the new DCU. Will go , While Michael Keaton still holds a spot for being the first big screen Batman and his return glitter Having proven its popularity, it appears that later iterations have features that probably put it down on the league table, especially considering their true capabilities.

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