Batman The Brave and the Bold has found its director… and it’s already tied to DC

It looks like the director of the new DC studio’s DC Universe tie-in film Batman The Brave and the Bold has been picked… and you’re about to see another DC movie of his in theaters in a few days!

while we wait glitter Together ezra miller, Michael Keaton And ben affleckfrom the cinema June 15New dc studio James Gunn and Peter Safran are working to create the future dc universe…and it looks like they’ve got it director For Batman – The Brave and the Bold: Not to be confused with the film batman 2 interpreted by Robert Pattinson and directed by Matt Reeves, set for 2025 and considered an extra off the clock. let’s talk new batman in the official universe, This scoop was picked up by One Take News and confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter. Will be the director…

The Flash’s Andy Muschietti to direct Batman: The Brave and the Bold?

Well yes: according to these there are now solid rumors, glitter This won’t be the director’s last contribution Andy Muschietti But dc transposition For warner bros discovery, opposite of this. Although The Flash was a “leftover” from the previous management, apparently james gunn And Peter Safrannew manager of dc studioregarded their work as of such quality as to give them pride of place in dc universe to come, Gunn, who is working on himself Superman: Legacyhad already expressed their desire to continue cooperation with the director of This, So for Muschietti the intentions are about to materialize in the most iconic way: obviously, after being well managed two batman (Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck) in The Flash, set to find its synthesis with a third new interpretation. Or should we say fourth, if we even consider Pattinson? Things get crowded. The story of The Brave and the Bold will follow Batman as he learns to live with his son, Damian Wayne.

Beyond The Flash, the next DC movies waiting for us in theaters blue beetle (August 17), aquaman and the lost zone (25 December), clown: folie a deux (Oct 2024), Superman: Legacy (July 2025, first act of the new DC Universe) And Batman – Part II (Oct 2025). let’s also not forget james mangold has already been chosen by Gunn and Safran to make Swamp Thing.
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