battle against Covid-19, the are gaining countries disciplined as Mexico


The secretary of the Navy, admiral José Rafael Ojeda Duransaid that the battle against the pandemic the coronavirus not the are gaining the developed countries, but the nations disciplined and Mexico, is more than that.

After a tour of the Naval Hospital-Insabi, who led president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the naval command said:

“I want to invite to the mexican society to join them in this great effort, relying on what they can, but above all the main thing is to stay home”.

The admiral Ojeda Duran stated that, according to the expertise view, “this battle is not the are gaining the developed countries, are earning the country a disciplined and Mexico is much more than that.”

The holder of the Navy of Mexico reiterated the commitment of women and men naval to the efforts of the federal government to meet the sanitary contingency.
He pointed out that the naval hospital has a room exclusively to cater to 40 severely ill patients with Covid-19.

In addition to that in 8 hospitals, naval power of the country will attend to patients in critical condition and will have 10 centres voluntary isolation with a capacity of 4 thousand people with conditions mild.


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