Battle for ATP No. 1 resumes: Djokovic resigns from Shanghai and hands option to Carlos Alcaraz

Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz shakes hands with Serbian Novak Djokovic after winning the Wimbledon final in July 2023.  (Reuters/Dylan Martinez/File Photo)
Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz shakes hands with Serbian Novak Djokovic after winning the Wimbledon final in July 2023. (Reuters/Dylan Martinez/File Photo)

He came to New York with the goal of regaining the No. 1 spot in the ATP rankings. He just needs a win.He defeated Muller in three sets Djokovic is back on top. Carlos Alcaraz couldn’t help it. They defended their title at Artus Ashe Stadium but were unable to score a bonus point.Three days after being crowned champion in New York, he traveled to Valencia Represented Serbia in Davis Cup, Make the classification into the finals.On Sunday, he announced on social networks I originally didn’t plan to go to Shanghai: “The best support I have had anywhere in the world over the years has been in China. Shanghai has been one of my favorite events of the season. I will miss my #NoleFam in China. I hope to return to China in the future , playing in front of everyone again.”


After arriving in the American city, the gap between the two was only 20 points. After claiming the Serbian’s third Grand Slam US Open title of the season, Djokovic is ranked with 11,795 points and Alcaraz is ranked with 8,535 points (a difference of 3,260 points).China Championship is one of the Several options for Noll scoring and be able to continue to contribute to Alcaraz as it is held again for the first time since 2019 was paralyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic.Serbian Nor will it be in Astana and Tel Aviv, He is currently the champion of the tournament.He only needs to compete for the championship this season Paris-Bercy Masters 1,000 (October 30th to November 5th), last year’s finals points were 600 points; this ATP Finals in Turin (November 12-19) cannot be added; and Malaga Championship (November 21-26).

In itself, Carlos Alcaraz will attend China, and twice. The Spaniard will compete in Shanghai and Beijing, where he has no points.Additionally, it will be At the Basel ATP 500 and ATP Finals, He didn’t play the latter last season, so he didn’t have any points to defend.

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Through these calculations, Djokovic could only add, If he wins everything he has to play the rest of the season, 400 pointsalthough Charly can accumulate up to 4,140 points. The points gap is less than 3,300 points, fighting for victory First place reopens after season ends With Djokovic’s resignation.

Djokovic He is the tennis player with the most major. He has played 24 exhibition matches, 2 more than Rafa Nadal and 4 more than the now-retired Roger Federer. He is a reference in his country. Just a few weeks ago, he put his country among the eight nations competing in the Davis Cup finals. The Serb left with tears in his eyes and expressed great gratitude Head to the famous balcony of the National Assembly in Belgrade, from where Received applause from everyone, He waved the Serbian flag and applauded the tennis players.

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