Battlefield 2042 admitted its problems and prepares big updates for the next few weeks

Battlefield 2042 he started off on the wrong foot, but like many other titles before, he will try to make amends for his problems in the coming weeks. Electronic arts and HE SAYS shared this week the action plan that they will take to correct all the problems of the shooter, ranging from the stability of the servers to corrections in the gunplayAs well as the collision engine, content offering, and other features that made the title receive a record amount of negative reviews.

The extensive posting on the game’s official site begins by confirming that there are already millions of players in Battlefield 2042 and that the title far exceeded the number of players of its predecessor, Battlefield v. However, it quickly comes to recognize the problems of the experience less than a week after its launch. EA and DICE assured that they will support the game for several years and confirmed that there will be two major updates for the game in the coming weeks.

Even before launch, during Early Access week for a small audience, Battlefield 2042 received updates to improve the stability of the servers, with quite satisfactory results. From DICE they anticipated that They are evaluating bringing back features of the franchise that they left outsuch as the end-of-game leaderboard, server finder, and precious voice chat, but they are not yet officially confirmed to return.

(Photo: Electronic Arts)
(Photo: Electronic Arts)

This Thursday, November 25, the second major patch of the game will be released, but the most important update is going to land in early December for all players. One of the development team’s priorities has to do with the servers and game performance, especially on PC. Regarding the first, although a general stability has already been achieved, there are still problems to be corrected, such as the impossibility of changing weapons in certain games or problems of respawn.

Second, the development team has already fixed an issue that was causing game consoles to Xbox They will turn off in the middle of the game, but on PC the problem will require more complex solutions. Optimizations will be applied to the game engine so that all users, whether they have the latest generation video cards or not, can enjoy the best possible performance without sacrificing anything.

Many of these improvements are made possible by hundreds of users who shared videos, screenshots, and detailed descriptions of their situations with the developers. Among those videos also stood out many that show problems in the gunplay, with bullets that miss their target despite being perfectly aimed. Fixes for this issue will arrive with the third update in early December. These changes will be related to the different sensitivity settings when aiming on consoles and PC, as well as console-specific assists.

However, the development team also admitted that the dispersion effect of some weapons, especially assault rifles, was set too high for the distances covered in the Battlefield 2042 maps. Thanks to the collection of statistics, which revealed that the players missed more shots than they hit, Satisfactory gameplay changes could be applied that can be seen from tomorrow. Some vehicles and weapons that turned out to be too powerful are also getting tweaks this week to balance the overall experience.

Battlefield 2042 EA
Battlefield 2042 EA

An interesting fact that is mentioned on the game’s official site is that Battlefield 2042 was built in such a way that the adjustments, changes and new features that are applied do not compromise the stability of the entire title. The development team can retire an entire game mode to fix it and then bring it back in without sacrificing experience or stability of the servers, which will allow them to perform much better in these first few months that require a lot of attention.

The list of changes that will be applied with Patches # 2 and # 3 of the title has more than 200 different adjustments and, as anticipated, there is still more detail to be revealed. Among the novelties there are adjustments that correct issues in practically all areas of the game, from the menus to the Operators, through more than half of the weapons in the game, the interaction with objects, the progression system and various adjustments in each one. of the different game modes.

Apart from updates to correct bugs. EA and DICE also anticipated that they are working on another update that will arrive before Christmas with new content and more tweaks. Additionally, the first season of Battlefield 2042 will be revealed in early 2022, if the shooter’s biggest problems were fixed by then.


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