Battlefield 2042 was ambitious and therefore has less destruction than expected

The skyscrapers of EA and DICE’s shooter were going to be able to be taken down, but the feature could not be implemented.

Battlefield 2042 it has not gotten off to a good start. The shooter of Electronic arts It is being harshly criticized, having entered the list of worst rated games on Steam and with its popularity falling compared to previous titles in the series, becoming the main installment with the worst score.

While HE SAYS continues to update it in order to solve the main errors that assail multiplayer games, new details are being known about the study’s ambition with the game. One of the most striking is the destruction, which is less than expected by the development team at initial conception.

If you remember, the skyscrapers were going to be able to collapse completely, but the functionality was finally ruled out due to the limitation of the current hardware. That points Tom henderson, the insider who leaked that information in his day and who has answered the question once it has been verified that in the final version it is not implemented.

They cut content due to hardware limitations and the little time they hadTom hendersonHenderson points out that it was too ambitious, and was cut by not being able to execute it as they wanted in the little time they had. He assures that if they return to the games of 64 players and smaller maps it could be seen in the future, but he insists that it has been a problem of ambition and time. In fact, he has commented that the engineers were given six weeks to do a six-month job, and therefore the result is not as polished as it should be.

Battlefield 2042 launched on November 19 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S. In DICE they continue to face problems that arise, some internal, but most of them related to the performance of the title, which is receiving numerous updates in order to fix bugs and balance your multiplayer.

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