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The 19 films, by participating in the The Berlin film Festival Brazil is already celebrating his first award. ” Hello, my name is April Director Caru Alves de Souza this took place on Friday (28.), the Grand Prix of the exhibition Generation14plus, dedicated to films portray the realities of young people around the world.

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“Hello, my name is Jesus”

The decision of the jury, consisting of Abbas Amini , The Process Against The and Jenna Bass it was a unanimous vote, noting that the freedom of work, full of love, friends, music, movement, and solidarity.”

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“My name is America” is the home of various aspects of the problems related to gender and the struggles of the feminists from the experiences of the title character, who dresses and behaves like a little boy. The of a more experienced skaters Grace Orsanato She is the only girl to the skate park in the neighborhood. But with your attitude, it opens the way for more.

“The film is dominated by a strong woman, you don’t need to test the role of the victim, the strength of what you have”, he described the swim Caru, the The World a few days ago. “I realize now that women are empowered to feel more through the gang, you build between you. You feel stronger when you are together, by the community, and how you in the search for individual solutions to their problems,” he said.

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The plot is loosely inspired by the book “ Baghdad — The Journey “of Toni Barron), which started in the year 2009, it focuses on the figure of a small boy. In the version has changed, collected from the Caru, from the point of view from time to time, if the project is picked up again, starting in the year 2014, but with the growing challenges of gender, and the struggles with identity.

Brazil is competing in the show, with” The Dead “ by Caetano veloso Gotardoe Marco Dutra.