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“Be a voice for those who have no voice”: Selena Gomez tells her story on YouTube | News from Mexico

USA.- Selena Gomez From a very early age he began his artistic career and since then he has had endless successes, both acting and musical, As a result, she has become one of the most important Latin artists.

It was through Youtube music, who was in charge of publishing a video in which he appears Selena Gómez in front of the camera telling part of her artistic life story in which she mentioned being proud of her Mexican origins.

In the first scenes the interpreter talks about how her grandparents from Monterrey went to Dallas illegally, where they were working as a cook and on construction sites respectively, later was when his father was born: Ricardo Joel Gómez.

In addition, the singer confessed that her father was a fan of Selena Quintanilla that’s why she bears his nameAt the time, she was also a great follower and got to see all her interviews.

Selena admitted that during her childhood she loved the Lizzie McGuire show, and that she never recognized that blonde, blue-eyed identity that deep down she always aspired to be, It was until at some point in one of her programs a mother of four daughters came up to tell her that she was an inspiration to her daughters by being a role model as a Latina woman.

My responsibility is to try to do my best and be a voice for those who do not have a voice or feel that they do not, I am proud to awaken something in people that forces them to recognize that there are certain things that are still happening and that should not happen. “said the singer.

Loves making music in Spanish

Gómez added that after everything that happened with the last president of The United States decided to make an album entirely in Spanish, in which he expressed his feelings and in which he prepared arduously to be able to achieve the appropriate meaning and accent.

Until now, according to the actress, from this material it has been one of the most important projects of her life, especially because her fans have been waiting for it for years and to a large extent she also did it for them.

As if that weren’t enough, Selena revealed that she He delivered so much in his last songs that now he likes to sing more in Spanish than in English.

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