be accused of being too sexy in a bikini, Inès reacts with buzz !


Like every year, the audience anxiously awaits the return of Koh Lanta. In the first episode, Ines has done a great deal to talk about.

In the new season of Koh Lanta promises to be very hectic. Already in the first episode, Ines has the canvas with his pushed Jersey to sexy. MCE TV will tell you more !

Koh Lanta, this is the game, tv is the flagship of a chain of TF1. It is simple, it makes since its introduction in august 2001, the output of a actual box. I have to say that it is difficult not to hang. Paradisiacal beaches, the tests are colourful and candidates from the houses, everything is gathered to seduce the audience.

So it is this Friday, 21. February that the processing begun by 2020, Koh Lanta has. So the new season promises to be crazy ! You have to say, this first episode is probably still in the annals of the shipment. One of the candidates has. so the ghosts in his actions You will understand that it is Joseph. He has now decided to d’the fire of their own sideafter learning that he would be eliminated at the next Council meeting.

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The bikini Ines in Koh Lanta 2020 is the enthusiasm

Joseph is not, therefore, be the only one to be pointed out in this first episode of Koh Lanta 2020. Aini, the implementation of the Ines, reach if you the trials has also made a lot of talk. The users have decided, therefore, to the bikini sexy. But the young woman held the answers.

That is, donations posted in a video in his story Instagram that Inès responded. “By cons, it is necessary to relax. It is a pair of buttocks, the boys ! It’s going down again. You go to calm down (…) I have the impression that there is only me who has a pair of buttocks. And there are those who will say : Yes, but there is that shows you. I have my faith. I do what I want. It mine is not ? “. The to calm what its critics.